Protests or not, 109 different trusts are now extinct in Mexico

With 65 votes in favor and 51 against, Morena and its legislative allies approved the reform to eliminate various funds containing 68 billion pesos.

Morena achieved its goal, this morning they managed to eliminate 109 funds and trusts that represent an amount of 68.4 billion pesos, that will go now directly to the federal government’s populist programs.

The full Senate approved the reform generally with 65 votes in favor and 51 against. A long debate on reservations was anticipated.

As on Monday, Morena found it difficult to approve the opinion in commissions due to the blockade of its headquarters and the PT’s resistance to granting the presence of Senator Nancy de la Sierra to validate the session of the Second Legislative Studies Commission. .

The plenary session had to meet at its old headquarters in the Historic Center after the opposition bloc agreed to form a quorum.

In Mexico City’s Xicoténcatl area, thousands of policemen formed human fences to contain groups of protesters, but the protests did not arrive and the plenary session began with a strong verbal dispute between Morenistas and PAN.

The PAN Martha Cecilia Márquez asked that the Morenoist Alejandro Armenta leave the plenary hall after having been sick with covid. The legislator described the senator’s argument as fallacious.

Eight senators from Morena stood at the entrances to the building for a few minutes to watch that no opposition legislator tried to take the stand.

After an intense two days in which Morena found it difficult to approve the reform in commissions, due to the blocking of the main seat of the Senate and the resistance of the PT to grant the presence of Nancy de la Sierra to validate the session of the Second Legislative Studies Commission, the plenary session met at its former headquarters in the Historic Center, after the opposition agreed to form a quorum.

Transformed into an authentic bunker, the Xicoténcatl area showed a scenario in which thousands of police officers made human fences of up to seven rows, to contain social groups that did not arrive and this is how the plenary session started last night, with a strong verbal dispute between Morena and PAN representatives.

Finally, opposition governors belonging to the Federalist Alliance and senators from PAN, PRI, PRD, and Movimiento Ciudadano agreed to take the discussion on the disappearance of 109 trusts to the Supreme Court of Justice. 

Governors Javier Corral, of Chihuahua, and Silvano Aureoles, of Michoacán, indicated that if the senators of the majority of Morena approve the extinction of these funds, they will promote a constitutional controversy before the SCJN for the damage to science, research, culture, arts, sports, and attention to victims, among others. Javier Corral considered that the impact that fundamental activities will have on the development of the country should be documented.