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Temazcal PART I: a revitalizing introspection with an ancient origin

by Yucatan Times
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Wellness tourism is an increasing market globally speaking, and the Yucatan Peninsula is positioning as a preferred destination for treating the mind, body and soul while traveling.

One of the most popular luxury spa treatments that can only be found in Mexico is the ancient Mexican practice of Temazcal, which is one of the top wellness trends for 2016 worldwide.

According to the 2016 Trends Report from Spafinder Wellness 365, the ancient practice of Temazcal is the third position on their 2016 Top Ten list.

Many return home from luxury spa treatments describing themselves as revitalized or reinvigorated, but for those who experience the ancient Mexican practice of Temazcal another word often comes to mind: reborn. Dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures, Temazcal roughly translates to “house of steam,” yet these simple adobe huts are far more than just primitive saunas.

Casa Temazcal Hotel & Spa Merida, Yuc. (Photo: casatemazcalmerida.com)

Casa Temazcal Hotel & Spa Merida, Yuc. (Photo: casatemazcalmerida.com)

The origin of Temazcal or “steam house” goes back to pre-Hispanic times and it consists of a ritual that involves the power of the elements: earth, fire, water and air; it is a purification practice that was used by Aztec and Maya civilizations and explained by Fernanda Montiel, a practicing Temazcalera, as “a symbolic representation: the first ray of sun light in the morning has a love relationship with the mother earth, fertilizing it, then a great belly grows, the Temazcal, representing the mother’s belly.

When we go inside it, we are transported back to our cellular form, like babies inside a mother’s womb. A conscious rebirth, making this day an opportunity for change”, as quoted on an article by Spafinder.

spa dorado

Spa Dorado (Photo: Mexico News Network)

Temazcal consists of a whole ritual that involves a shaman or Temazcalera (Temazcal spiritual guide), who is in charge of helping the participants reach a profound purifying experience. The space is an egg-shaped small room, reminiscent to an igloo. Once inside everyone sits in a circle and the Temazcalera pours water on hot stones and the steam is released; ergo becoming a steam room.

Temazcal Isla Mujeres (

Temazcal Isla Mujeres (Photo: google.com)

During the experience the Temazcalera recites ancient prayers and chants, lights up herbs, incense or copal. All these elements will guide the spirit, body and soul through a cleansing and rebirth experience.

Even though they’re originally from Mexico, today Temazcales are found in many parts of the country, from small towns to luxurious resorts.

If you are traveling to Mérida (or if you live here), and you want to live the unique experience of this inner journey, without having to travel for miles, or even leaving the city… Guess what?  You can schedule a “Temazcal” right in the heart of downtown!

Casa Temazcal Hotel & Spa is located right on Calle 66 (between 59 and 61), we are talking about a 5 minute walk from the Plaza Grande. For reservations just call 9992 970 836.

casa temazcal Merida

(PHOTO: Casa Temazcal Hotel & Spa, Merida, Yucatan.



On our second part of this series we will advise all travelers on which are the most attractive places in the Yucatan Peninsula to live the experience of this ancient wellness Maya ritual. Stay tuned!

Source: http://www.spafinder.com/

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