Subject released in the Ema Molina murder case

Ema Gabriela Molina Canto. (PHOTO:

MERIDA – An unexpected turn has occurred in the case of Ema Gabriela Molina Canto, the ex-wife of a controversial Tabasco politician who was shot to death at her house in Merida, as reported previously on TYT. The suspect identified with initials of R.C.R.B., alias “Huero”, one of those allegedly involved in the murder, was released.

The release was allowed only with the use of an electronic bracelet to locate the subject; the decision was made at a hearing called a review of precautionary measures.

Ema Gabriela Molina Canto. (PHOTO:

Despite the secrecy involved in the hearing, the former driver of the alleged mastermind of the crime, Medina Sonda, was given house arrest, on the grounds that he could be the victim of revenge. Three others allegedly involved remain in jail.

It remains unknown the place where the newly released subject was sent, and the authorities haven’t confirmed yet the reason for which they removed the man from prison. However, they say it was at the request of the Public Prosecutor.

The man is accused of contacting the hit men who killed Ema Gabriela. He reportedly has cooperated with the authorities to clarify the crime, seeking to stay out of the case or receive a lower penalty. The process against him will continue, although everything indicates that he will attend the escorted proceedings when required.