Profeco reports collective complaint due to complications in Mérida Airport flights

Merida airport departures and arrivals temporarily suspended due to dense fog (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

Merida, Yucatan, (November 11, 2021).- The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) of Mérida received a collective complaint from 25 travelers about delayed flight problems at the Mérida airport. 

The agency indicated that conciliation was reached between the complainants and the airlines for which there were no sanctions. 

On Tuesday, November 9, due to fog that appeared in Mexico City International Airport, according to several users of social networks, several flights delayed their departure or arrival, which also caused problems in several airlines in the Yucatecan capital, passengers were stranded by delayed flights, even cancellations were reported. 

In this regard, Martha Velázquez Castro, director of the Mérida Profeco metropolitan area office, indicated that they received a collective complaint because they were not being respected flying on time. 

Velázquez Castro explained that these users stated that they did not give them any bonuses, nor did they give food for this problem.

“They are users who indicated that they did not state that they do not give them any bonus for this problem, or give them food,” she said. 

However, she indicated that a positive conciliation was achieved through the intervention of Profeco. Some accepted the return of their money and others agreed to be delivered food while they waited for their flight. “We will continue in this line of supporting the consumer, we will be very alert to attend to the indications,” she stressed. 

For their part, Mérida Airport staff indicated that all the complications that occurred have already been compensated since yesterday; although they did not provide further details of the total delayed or canceled flights. 

Hand luggage 

On another topic, Velázquez Castro indicated that they will carry out operations in the terminal to emphasize the airlines and thus guarantee that travelers can access with hand luggage, which does not exceed 10 kilograms without an extra charge, a right that consumers have for law. 

She invited people to go to the Profeco module that they have in the airport facilities for advice and support in the event of any irregularity.

Source: La Jornada Maya