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Turtle nesting season begins in Yucatán

by Sofia Navarro
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During the month of April the turtle nesting season begins, so a call for awareness is made to preserve the species that arrive to the coasts of Yucatan.

Turtles are an endangered species, so the population is asked to facilitate the natural reproduction process of these species.

Given the possibility of the arrival of the species and to favor the natural process, the population is advised to turn off the lights at night so as not to confuse the turtles, as well as to avoid letting dogs walk alone on the beach and thus prevent them from digging the nests.

As part of the actions to preserve the species, they have been banned nationally since 1990 and a good recovery of the species in the state of Yucatan is reported until 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Yucatan is the only area with a statistical count of more than 30 years for the three species that arrive to the coast, since of the seven turtle species known in the country, only three arrive to the state, which are hawksbill, white and loggerhead.

According to Pronatura, there are eight camps in the state that are in charge of monitoring the nesting of these species, from April to October, which is the period of greatest arrival of these marine species.

Experts believe that the structures of the salt ponds in Las Coloradas alter the turtles’ reproduction process.

Biologist Julián Rojas indicated that the protective structures in these areas represent a danger for the conservation of the females that nest near these places, since it has been observed that the species have to deposit their eggs behind the coastal dune and have even gone into the salt ponds.

The problems that are affecting turtle nesting are from kilometer 7.5 to 8, where there is significant erosion on the beach, which makes the nesting habitat degrading, making the situation critical.

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