76 year-old man murdered in Temozón, Yucatán

José Ernesto P. C., 76 years old and originally from the municipality of Temozón, was killed last Wednesday February 27 night at the community of “Rancho Santa Margarita”, located 17 kilometers from Panabá, near the San Francisco municipality.

According to the first reports the 76 year-old man was havung an affair with a married woman. So when the alleged murderer told his wife, MJB, that he would go out hunting, the woman took advantage of the opportunity to meet with her lover.

However, the husband named Natanael M. returned earlier than expected and found them together, so he attacked José Ernesto with a knife, then tied him up with a rope and continue to beat him up until he killed him.

The Police of the municipality of Panabá received the report of a fight and immediately went to the place, where they found the dead body of a man lying on the floor tied from hands and feet.

It was said that the couple had been living in that rural community only for a few months, since both are natives of the municipality of Izamal.

TYt Newsroom with information from SIPSE