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Speaking of “Real Estate Developments” refers to a wide range of opportunities: investing in land in Merida, or any other city in Mexico or around the world.

When it comes to investment lots, there are spaces of land with urbanization, houses in fenced or “private” areas or neighborhoods, commercial premises, vertical towers of mixed-use plots (housing – commerce – services), etc.

Any of these real estate developments require money. In recent years, the owners of the land are looking for a way to get hold of that money to “do something with their land” such as housing in any modality “Townhouses”, apartments, or mixed.

Money-seeking opportunities have arisen among friends and trust-based friends have responded in hopes of earning high returns. Unfortunately, there have been frauds or deals that have not gone as expected for many reasons, but in my opinion, one of the most important is the lack of planning of the financial model and that there is no control over it in its execution.

Attracting people to invest in real estate developments is a good opportunity and beneficial for everyone. The banks do not finance the first part, which is the paperwork, putting up fences, introducing services, etc. People are invited to put their money into these projects and it is not necessarily that they are buying a property, but there has to be certainty on the project as a business opportunity. And this is where the financial model that includes professional planning comes in.

At PROVIFIN we make sure that the real estate project has certainty in several aspects:

a) There is a market for the product and the know-how to market it.
b) The legal instrumentation.
c) That yields and flows are obtained.
d) That there is a competent leader.

TIPIRVING. Investing your money in real estate developments is an excellent option, but you must be sure that this project has the proper planning and legal instrumentation. For this, a specialized financial advisor must assist you in your decision.

Irving Alberto Escalante Castillo

Irving is a Public Accountant from the Autonomous University of Yucatan. Master in Business Administration with a specialty in Finance from Tec Milenio University. He has more than 20 years of experience in leadership of planning teams and execution of business projects, crisis management, and corporate finance.

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