Early birds gather in Merida for free Covid testing

Only 100 tests are performed per day.

MÉRIDA.- This Friday, around 8:24 a.m., there was uneasiness among dozens of people who were waiting, some of them since 2 a.m., to have one of the free Covid screening tests performed in the park of the Dolores Otero neighborhood.

At that moment, although it was 40 minutes before it was due to start operating, the module which, according to the Yucatán Health Secretariat’s calendar, would be providing service as of 9 am, had not yet been installed.

The installation takes time. It requires tents, tables, sample containers, reagents, computer equipment, stationery, and some must even dress in insulating clothing, face shields, glasses, and masks.

The line, located on the east side of the sports park, had more than 100 people lined up, the maximum number of tests that these modules perform per day.

At 8:30 a.m. a van arrived with some of the personnel and equipment. Information about the process began to flow.

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