1.4 million USD Koenigsegg CCX rare supercar wrecked in Northern Mexico

A rare Koenigsegg CCX was brutally demolished following a high-speed crash in Mexico.

Photos of the accident reveal a severely wrecked supercar. The passenger cell appears to have done its job and is mostly intact, including the seats and the dashboard.

The roof and the doors, however, are completely torn off, while other parts are scattered yards away from where the car landed.

Koenigsegg CCX crash 2

The report claims this was the one and only Koenigsegg in Mexico. The supercar also appears to have been pampered and rarely driven prior to the accident. It was recently advertised for sale by a luxury auto dealer outside of Houston, Tex., and the ad (which is still up on dealer’s website) states the 2009 Koenigsegg CCX only had 1,721 miles on the odometer. The asking price was listed at $1.4 million.

Source: Motor Trend