Tulum wedding bride’s gown goes viral

(Photo: INSIDER)

(INSIDER).- California-based couple Thainá, 28, and Charn, 35, were introduced through a mutual friend in 2016.

Thainá is the founder of the cannabis wellness company Nowdays, and Charn also works in the cannabis industry.

At first, Thainá planned for their relationship to be platonic, but she and Charn quickly developed a romantic connection. They’ve been together ever since.

The Baks finally tied the knot in January of 2021.

Thaina Bak hugs Charn Bak on a beach ahead of their wedding
The Baks got married at the beginning of 2021. Chris and Ruth Photography

The Baks got engaged at the end of 2018.

They planned to get married in Tulum, Mexico, in January of 2020, but they had to postpone because of the coronavirus, as their 150 guests would be traveling from all around the world.

They set their new wedding for January of 2021, and they scaled their guest list down to just 20 people.

Thainá knew she wanted a Berta wedding dress before she was even engaged.

Thaina Bak sitting in a pool
Thainá wanted a Berta wedding gown. Chris and Ruth Photography

“They’re unique,” she said of why she was drawn to Berta’s gowns. “You can get a boho vibe from them, but you’re not going to look beachy.”

Thainá’s mom traveled to California from their home in Brazil about four months after Thainá got engaged to help her find a dress.

She set her budget at $17,000.

Thainá didn’t love this mermaid-style gown.

Thaina in a dress she didn't buy.JPG
She didn’t love this gown. Thainá Bak

The form-fitting dress had a cutout on the bodice, keyhole back, and frames of see-through lace.

It was pretty, but the dress didn’t feel right to Thainá.

“I think it didn’t represent who I am as a person,” she said of the gown, which was a bit more traditional than she had been imagining.

“I feel like I’m more of a free spirit, so I wanted something that could represent my personality,” she said.