Earthquake in Mexico: more than 6,000 homes were reported damaged by the tremor

Photo: Radio-Anahuac

More than 6 thousand houses were damaged in at least four states after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, with the epicenter in Michoacán.

(Mexico – TYT) – More than 6 thousand houses were damaged after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Mexico on September 19 in Colima, Michoacán, Jalisco, and Mexico City (CDMX).

The tremor caused slight to severe damage to the infrastructure of public and private buildings and homes, especially in Michoacán and Colima, after the National Drill 2022.

More than 3 thousand houses were damaged in Michoacán by the earthquake in Mexico
According to the government of Michoacán, there are 3,161 damaged houses, of which 800 collapsed in the state after the earthquake, which had its epicenter in Coalcomán on September 19.

Likewise, several municipalities near the earthquake’s epicenter detected damage to schools, hospitals, and highways.

The government of Michoacán could also declare the following municipalities as disaster areas:

Coahuayana: 1,143 homes affected, 398 collapsed.
Coalcomán: 63 homes affected, no collapses
Aquila: 1,133 houses affected, 400 collapsed

On the other hand, the National Institute of Archeology and History (INAH) reported damage to more than 30 cultural properties, of which 25 are temples in Michoacán.

The rest are located in:

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