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U.S. Democracy at stake

by Yucatan Times
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WASHINGTON D.C. – The future of democracy in the United States of America is defined today in the city that bears the name of the founding father of a country synonymous with freedom, pluralism, and a government system centuries ahead of its time. 

Thousands of protesters have begun to arrive in Washington, the United States’ federal capital, to impose Trump as president of the republic, above the votes and the law. Trump himself will lead the demonstrations to derail the election he lost.

Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, DC, has requested support from the National Guard. Since last night, their soldiers have been guarding strategic installations in the city to confront possible sabotage or domestic terrorist acts.

The Wall Street Journal reported that today’s demonstrations would be attended by Trump supporters, private militia groups, white supremacists, Proud Boys (a Midwestern paramilitary group), and conspiracy theorists such as QAnon supporters. This information, according to social media publications and permits issued.

Robert Contee, head of the Police Department, reported that they have information about the arrival of armed groups in Washington, which violates local gun laws.

Hours before the certification of Biden’s victory by Congress, which will take place today, Donald Trump tweeted: “Vice president Pence has the power to reject fraudulently elected voters.” That is a lie. It is false, it has no legal basis, but if Pence bends to his boss’s pressures, the blow will have been to the heart of the democratic system.

This is not in some future, but today, in the present, in Washington, DC, on this “D Day” for humanity.

At a rally in Georgia – where there were senatorial elections yesterday- Trump increased the pressure on Pence, who, as the country’s vice president, presides over the Senate: “I have to tell you… I hope our great vice president, our great vice president, will support us”. The crowd roared with enthusiasm.

History has taught what happens when authoritarian populists reach power. Almost a century ago, a fanatical party leader called for a coup d’état in Munich, Germany, and it failed. He was imprisoned for a time and then released, pardoned. Let’s not forget the rest of that lesson from history. That angry little man came to power, invaded Europe, provoked a world war, and led to the death of 60+ million human beings.

Today, for the first time in United States history, Donald Trump could try a coup d’État.

We cannot count the rivers of ink that have written: “Hitler should have been stopped in Munich.” Let’s hope that after several generations, it won’t be said: “Trump should have been stopped in Washington.”

Hitler’s “brewery putsch” (November 8 and 9, 1923) failed, as today Trump’s coup may fail. But the damage caused could be irreparable.

Do not forget that a few months ago, Donald Trump extorted the president of Ukraine to mire Hunter Biden, the son of his electoral opponent, in a corruption scheme… was forgiven. Last week, he tried to extort Georgia’s Secretary of Government to say that he ‘recalculated’ the election count and that he won the state. Will he again get away with it and be forgiven?

In the words of the Times, “Trump learned that he can break the law and undermine democracy with impunity.”

Much of the damage has already been done. Wherever authoritarian populism goes, the grass will not grow back. AMLO, Bolsonaro, and of course Vladimir Putin knew what they were doing when they supported and even intervened to get Trump to win the U.S. presidency four years ago. Like them, Trump is a destroyer of democracy. 

If the United States falls today, all other countries will fall, swept away by the tsunami of authoritarian populism. Stand up for your country.

For Times Media Mexico
Editorial Board The Yucatan Times.
January, 06 2021
Merida Yucatan, Mexico

The editorial board of The Yucatan Times consists of a group of 9 people of different nationalities, selected for their background and objectivity, which are based on research, analysis and individual experience to reach a concerted vision of the important issues of Mexico and the world.

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