Progreso police detain six people on the weekend

Violent drunk man detained in Chuburna Puerto (Photo:

PROGRESO, YUCATAN (September 14, 2020).- Municipal Police agents detained five people at dawn on Sunday, September 13th who were beating each other on the public road, and stoning a house in this port.

In addition, at the Chuburná Puerto, they arrested a drunken man who was acting violently and walking around with a machete.

The police corporation received at one in the morning a report that on Calle 124 between 33 and 35 of the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood there was a group of people causing noise, who turned out to be under the influence of alcohol.

A convoy of municipal and state police agents encountered five people in a fight and who were throwing stones at houses in that neighborhood, so they arrested them.

These people – two women and three men – are known as “Los Chiveros”, and they reside on the west side of the city.

The uniformed officers took the detainees to the corporation’s separations, they will be released after serving their 36-hour arrest.

On the other hand, on Saturday at six o’clock in the afternoon in Chuburná Puerto, a police convoy that was conducting a surveillance tour on the beach detained a drunk individual who, with a machete in hand, was threatening a resident of this coastal community. 



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