Trump says he could try two more terms.

Trump at the rally where he claimed the virus would disappear with the heat.

Donald Trump suggested he could serve two more terms as president of the United States if he wins the November election.

RENO Nevada United States (AP) – During a rally with supporters in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump suggested that he could serve two more terms as president of the United States if he wins the November election and succeeds in promoting an initiative so that he can serve one more term in office, that is, 12 years at the helm of the nation and not eight as dictated by law.

Reviewing a list of complaints about the Democrats, the media, and the mail ballot, U.S. President Donald Trump gathered his supporters at an airport outside of Reno, Nevada.

In that state, polls show that his Democratic rival Joe Biden is ahead. President Donald Trump reflected on staying in office 12 years, despite constitutional limits that prohibit U.S. presidents from serving more than two four-year terms.

We’re going to get four more years in the White House, and then we’ll negotiate, right? Because probably, based on the way we were treated, we’re entitled to another four after that.

In addition to his statements about possible double reelection, if he wins the U.S. presidency this year, Trump again accused the Democrats of trying to “manipulate” the elections next November and stated the candidate of this political group, Joe Biden.

The Democratic candidate in a political ad allegedly criticized Trump for allegedly making derogatory comments about the dead in the war.

Donald Trump denied making such comments against the war dead.

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