Morena’s deputy proposes to create centers to kill stray animals (+video)

“It includes the capture of animals on the street or abandoned that are a nuisance or a risk” 

PUEBLA.Morena, President Lopez Obrador´s political party was called “the hope of Mexico” however, for many it is fast becoming the party of intolerance. At least that’s what its members are demonstrating by presenting bills like the one. Cristina Tello, congresswoman for Morena in Puebla, presented as point of agreement a request to the “Ministry of Health” to create animal centers to exterminate dogs and cats from the street or in a situation of abandonment since they are a nuisance. 

Such centers will allow the killing of street dogs and cats to combat overpopulation. The legislator said in her speech: “It includes the capture of animals in the street or abandoned animals that may be a nuisance or a risk and also that is a voluntary surrender for elimination, clinical observation, permanent anti-rabies injection, collection in public streets of sick or run over animals for euthanasia,” (SIC). 

Here´s a video by Javier López Díaz @JavierLopezDíaz from Cinco Radio

The Yucatan Times