Canadian suspect in Chicxulub murder to be locked up for 9 months during investigation

Roger Corbett, left, and Brian Slater. (PHOTOS:

CHICXULUB PUERTO — A Yucatan judge has ordered a Canadian man who was arrested for the killing of a fellow countryman to be locked up for nine months as a “precautionary measure” while authorities investigate the death.

A news release from the Yucatan attorney general’s office describes the imprisonment as an “informal preventative detention,” the Toronto Star reports.

The document says the attorney general has six months to complete its investigation before prosecution.

Roger Corbett, left, and Brian Slater. (PHOTOS:
Roger Corbett, left, and Brian Slater. (PHOTOS:

The man, identified only by his initials, is being held over a fatal stabbing of another Canadian man that took place on Nov. 13 in the port town of Chicxulub Puerto.

An earlier news release says the victim died after being stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife while in the company of the suspect and one other person.

Friends and family have identified the man killed as 48-year-old Roger Corbett of Victoria, British Columbia. News reports in Canada have identified the man detained as Brian Slater, also of Victoria.