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Michael Cohen predicts Trump’s post-presidency legal drama.

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“Donald Trump is like First Avenue here in New York. It’s one way.” 

NEW YORK United States (Times Media Mexico) – Vanity Fair journalist Emily Jane conducted an extremely interesting interview with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer. If anyone knows, knows, and can predict Trump’s future… that’s Cohen. He knows his legal playbook—“I fucking wrote it”— he says and has some advice for the various parties pursuing cases against Trump, some of which rely on Cohen as a witness.

In an interview nearly three and a half years ago, Vanity Fair’s reporter Emily Jane sat across from Michael Cohen in a coffee shop in the Hamptons, and over dry toast and egg whites, he told her, he would take a bullet for Donald Trump. 

As years went by, Cohen took a figurative bullet for his former boss in pleading guilty to federal crimes that included a hush-money payment made to Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. He spent many hours testifying in front of Congress, participating in state and federal investigations involving the Trump Organization and campaign, and more than a year in federal prison before being released to home confinement earlier this year. 

Michael Cohen explains: I know Donald Trump. I know him intimately in terms of his brain. I can tell you. It’s a very scary place to live because I have become anesthetized to the narcissism that exists only within the two ears of Donald Trump. It is filled with 100% pure narcissism. I watched how he was behaving over the course of the two years since he took office. Although he was still solid within his base, he never actually grew his base as a president. Had he just done an infrastructure bill, he would have doubled his base and easily won this election… -I knew that Donald Trump would never peacefully turn over the White House, that there would never be a peaceful transition of power, and it’s one of the things that I had said to the late, great, honorable Elijah Cummings, that the only reason that I’m here, standing before you all, is because I do not believe that under a Donald Trump presidency there will be a peaceful transition of power, and that scared me”.

Do you think he believes there has been fraud in this election, and that’s why he lost or is that just public posturing?
I need you to think of what Trump is doing as no different than if you were watching The Apprentice. This is all a reality show. He knows he lost the election. He knows it. But the problem is he has an incredibly fragile ego, and his fragile ego will not allow him to acknowledge that he is a loser, that he lost the election to Joe Biden. It’s why he’s fighting with Fox every day. He’s looking to steal their base. Because with his social media platform of 90 million followers, he knows that of that 90 million, 20 million are die-hard Trump fans. He could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and they would be behind him 100%. From them, he just wants $4.99 a month. And for that $4.99 a month, you get to listen to all the bullshit and all the far-right-wing conspiracies that Donald Trump can dream up. That’s what he’s going to sell you. That’s $100 million a month. $1.2 billion a year. That’s going to pay for the gas in his 757.

That doesn’t work if you’re a loser; you can’t sell being a loser for $4.99 a month.
There are 20 million Americans who are so entrenched in the cult of Donald Trump as I once was. He has a spell over these people. Why? I don’t know.… It’s going to be an infomercial. It’s going to be one fucking infomercial after another. He will do it, and there are 20 million stupid people out there who are willing to part with their money, in the middle of a pandemic, to give it to him. To me, I’m blown away at the lack of intellect in some of these people. I’m not talking about people who are uneducated. I’m talking about people who are educated too.

Is Trump going to just pardon everyone?
No. Let me again dig deep into the mentality of Donald Trump. Donald Trump cares for no one or anything except for himself. That includes his own children. Let’s talk about pardons. Will Donald Trump pardon these individuals, which he certainly has the power to do? No. 

That’s some real popcorn shit. Do you think he will step down a day early so Mike Pence can pardon him?
No. That’s not going to happen. First of all, Donald Trump will never step down. Let’s go back to his fragile ego. That means he was forced to step down by small, simple people. That tattoos the stamp of a loser to his forehead.


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