Priest accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old child in Mexico City

The crime of aggravated sexual abuse is attributed to a person under 12 years of age. (Photo: El Universal)

A 58-year-old priest was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Central Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Sexual Offenses accused of sexual abuse against a 12 year-old child.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported that, according to the first investigations, on February 14 at 7:00 p.m., the mother of the victim left the child in a temple to study the cathecism. The church was located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood in the Cuauhtémoc delegation, downtown Mexico City.

Through deception, the priest took the 12 year-old girl to the offices of the enclosure where he sexually abused her.

After the attack, the girl ran away of the scene in search of her mother, who requested the support of an agent of the Secretariat of Public Security to arrest the alleged sexual aggressor.

“The crime of aggravated sexual abuse to a person under 12 years of age has been attributed to the priest, when the defendant had contact with the victim for religious reasons and took advantage of the trust deposited in him for religious reasons,” explained the PGJ.