Mexican journalists demand security and vaccines against Covid-19

Photo: (Yucatàn al minuto)

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 31, 2021).- Federation of Associations of Mexican Journalists (Fapermex) met with Rosario Piedra Ibarra, president of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), to agree on strategies that guarantee security and freedom of expression for its more than 25 thousand members, in addition to vaccines against Covid-19.

Juan Ramón Negrete and José Alfredo Ochoa, president of the board of directors and general secretary, respectively, requested the creation of an action protocol for possible grievances, the use of a digital application with a panic button, and a safe house.

They also asked for the clarification of murders of journalists that occurred from 1982 to date. According to Reporters Without Borders, murders against the union have impunity of 99 percent, while the NGO Article 19 has reported 137 murders since 2000, of which 126 are men and 11 women.