New invention removes Parkinson’s tremor without surgery

PAMPLONA, NAVARRA, Spain (Agencies) – Within the University of Navarra’s facilities in Spain, new procedures are now being performed to treat the disabling tremor produced by Parkinson’s desease, without surgery.

These are high-intensity ultrasound technology that can directly intervene in the processes of muscle recovery, in patients with any condition related to the involuntary tremors produced by Parkinson’s syndrome.

In the same way that a magnifying glass converges the sun’s rays, this device captures the heat from hundreds of ultrasound beams and concentrates it on specific points in the brain, where the targets or the group of neurons involved in the tremors are located, this non-invasive treatment can be done outside an operating room, in any MRI examination space, even when the patient is awake and totally conscious, that is to say, not under the effect of painkillers or anesthetics.

As explained by Dr. Jorge Guridi, director of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Navarra Clinic, “This equipment makes it possible to locate the lesion and visualize the effect of ultrasound on the target, in addition to performing a neurological evaluation of the patient during the application of the treatment, observing the improvement of the tremor in situ.

In order for this innovative treatment to have an effect, the patient’s head must be placed, covered with a water membrane, through which cooled water circulates continuously. This allows the temperature generated by the hundreds of ultrasound beams that would pass through the scalp to be reduced without damaging it. This concentration of ultrasound beams is placed directly on the targets or abnormal neurons and disperses them, making the tremor disappear.

Until now, the treatment for patients with tremor, a movement disorder that generally affects the upper extremities and the head, is deep brain stimulation surgery. However, with the appearance of this new technological trend, open surgery processes are avoided, making it possible for some patients with limitations such as age or physical condition to access them.

This new tendency in technology, is a great advance in the field of health, since the effects or consequences by open surgeries can be much more harmful for the patient.

If you know patients who have participated or have relatives receiving treatment of this nature, please leave a comment, and tell us about their experience.

The Yucatan Times



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