Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Spring Breakers chanting “Build That Wall” in Cancun is unacceptable

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CANCUN — What would be a dream night for Suly and Anaximandro Amable, a newly married couple who went to Cancun for their honeymoon, became a bitter experience on Monday March 13.

During a family show on the high seas, young American spring breakers began to sing the controversial “Build That Wall” chant, which shocked Mexican national tourists and workers.

This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors that young spring breakers have shown recently in Cancun and that are described as acts of xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country, which is (or should be) totally unacceptable.

Anaximandro, from Perú, made the following statement on social networks: “Today I was with Suly, my wife (who is a native of Mexico), watching an entertainment show off the coast of Cancun aboard a boat, and at the end of the show, a flock of Americans (maybe under the influence of alcohol, or maybe not), began to sing the infamous “Build that wall” chant louder and louder”.

This chant became popular across the US in the wake of Trump’s Election Day victory. And it went viral on social networks, when students at a Michigan middle school began chanting Build the wall!” during lunch on the day after Trump’s election, November 17, 2016.

The “Pirate Ship” sails out from Puerto Juárez, and the show takes place in the middle of the ocean, where attendees can witness the clashing of swords and the explosion of cannons along with a constant flow of drinks.

Several Mexican tourists on board the ship expressed their annoyance, but the Americans did not stop at all and continued singing the racist hymn.

This situation is far from being an isolated incident, and it adds to the growing number of complaints from tourism sector workers, who point out that in recent days many Spring Breakers have been offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people.

pirate ship 2

American Tourists at Pirate Ship Cancún (Photo: Google)

post anaximandro

Anaximandro Amable Facebook post (Source; Facebook)

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  1. Shannon says:

    I apologize on behalf of the ignorance of our american travelers to your beautiful country. I am pissed to read this. We travel here alot and love how we are treated by everyone. How dare these young people. Do not go here and or anywhere acting like this. It is rude and you all should be ashamed of your actions. Drunk or not. It’s not right…. Don’t ruin it for the nice normal people who love this place.

    • samiam says:

      Let’s trade!!

    • kristin miedd says:

      Freedom of speech guys! No need to apologize it’s time we got some ba—s! Americans are not ignorant they are finally showing their intelligence! NETMAD is correct !

    • Your Name...sam dennis says:

      Shannon …. YOU can apologize for someone else’s behavior but it is a meaningless gesture.

      Your behavior doesn’t reflect the behaviors of those foolish students, so move on.

    • Deplorable JaYour Name... says:

      Yes I like cancun to ,but but Americans are sick of the way the way many Mexicans have behaved in the US.
      Illegal immigration, violent crime,taking our money booing the national anthem.For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

    • Ceefive says:

      Not American travelers….American students (stoners) who have not the slightest idea wht life is about. If they attract the wrong people, they could find themselves in a shallow grave with their throat cut.

    • Amazing Racist says:

      God bless these young souls. They should never apologize for chanting “build the wall” Stop being an apologist for being an American. If you don´t like it. Move to Canada with the liberal cuck Justin.

      • Carlos says:

        Here in Canada immigration laws are a lot more restrictive and harsh than in most rich countries.When an illegal person is spotted,ejection order comes pretty quick.And yes We do have 300,000 spots a year for people that apply by the law wich is a POINT SYSTEM where minimum of education,language skills and proffesional expertise is qualified. Just anoyed to hear arrogant “immigrant to be” to tell Us that they are moving to Canada…No!!!…we have laws and we makes them to be respectec. We only admit in our country PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE LAW the rest can go back


      What a bunch of IGNORANT buffoons and LEFT-WING NUTS. NO, not those that chant “build that wall” but those that claim it’s RACIST or xenophobic. ILLEGAL aliens from around the world invade the USA with impunity. Well frankly it’s DISGUSTING that their OWN COUNTRIES, like Mexico don’t want them back… Makes one wonder doesn’t it. WE Americans WELCOME immigrants that can and will contribute and integrate into OUR society. For all you LEFT-WING NUTS, go F**K yourselves while WE BUILD THAT WALL.

      • F the Ctrl left says:

        Hell yeah, couldn’t have said it better myself. 😀

        • sure says:

          You have your facts wrong mate, mexican immigrants can return to mexico any time they want to, just that they usually dont, they get paid more in the US. If Americans dont want Mexican getting jobs they shouldnt give jobs without proper papers (greencards, etc) but even Trump’s son has illegal Mexican working for him in his vineyards.
          Tourist are always welcome in Mexico, we just like some respect, like you would expect from us in your land.

    • sickofliberals says:

      You don’t need to apologize for them. They are in Mexico LEGALLY and can say anything they please about those who come to OUR country ILLEGALLY. What is really rude is illegally entering a country, breaking the laws and sovereignty of the people, taking their money and prosperity, driving down their wages, stealing their identities to work illegally, stealing the welfare benefits that are supposed to go to their citizens, stealing money from EVERY household by sending illegal children to their public schools thereby increasing the costs exponentially for Americans to educate their own children, killing them on the streets like Kate Steinle, killing them in DUI’s, killing, killing killing, one after another, raping, assaulting, burglarizing, robbing and on and on. THAT is being truly rude.

      Being a LEGAL visitor to a country and chanting ‘build the wall’ is far from approaching the rudeness that Americans suffer on a daily basis from the ILLEGAL ALIENS of mexico that are in our country.

    • d layuni says:

      Did the spring breakers sneak into mexico, have 17 kids and expect the mexicans to support them? Did they spread disease, commit violent crimes? Just wondering.

      • OverTheWaves says:

        well, some resorts close for 15 days after spring breakers to do repairs, every year, and they don’t care.

    • Hodar says:

      Were they raping your grade school girls? Were they invading your homes and killing and raping the inhabitants before robbing them? Were they demanding free education, medical, food, housing and that teachers learn to speak their children’s language? Were they driving drunk without a license and killing people before fleeing the scene?
      What? No? They were simply voicing an opinion that you didn’t like? Oh, how my heart bleeds for you, you poor abused and oppressed people!! How dare anyone even say anything about how you are invading and treating America. Poor little babies.

  2. Linda Barwick says:

    I am appalled by this behavior. They should be sent home immediately.

    • Steve says:

      You are absolutely correcto mundo, Linda. I am appalled by the behavior of illegal aliens (they are not immigrants) in our country, not willing to assimilate, getting on welfare, waving the Mexican flag at rallies, etc. They should be sent home immediately.

    • Your Name...big Johnson says:

      So you don’t have a problem with Trump sending all the Mexican and other illegal immigrant protesters back to where they came then? Not to mention the ones who illegally voted for Hitlery.

    • (((Linda Barwick))) says:

      Yes! They’re very bad goys….um, I meant boys! Disgraceful!

  3. Susan says:

    That is so wrong. How can people be s ignorant. I’m glad I’m Canadian and don’t have to claim those wretched young people. They should have had the cops meet the boat. Throw them jail until it was time for their flights home. File charges so they can’t set foot in Mexico again. I don’t know why some Americans are so ignorant, loud and obnoxious. You can only imagine there upbringing or better their lack of it. It just makes me so made to here of this. I love Mexico and their people so friendly and helpful..

    • Ejan says:

      Yes, I agree that it is totally unacceptable behavior from these young people and will add that it is extremely dangerous and foolish. Now, how about all the Mexicans displaying their flags in the U,S., burning the U.S. flag and chanting disgusting threats about America while living in the U.S., frequently illegally?

    • MICK J says:

      Sounds like you need a ONE WAY TICKET to that oh so great Mexico…..Go…Please!!!! And stay there. How about an apartment dead center Mexico City….third floor…no AC…..toilets work sometimes….back up all the time. Yea….sounds like that’s just the place for you.

    • Josh says:

      According to Reuters, 4 in 10 Canadians want to get rid of African and Middle Eastern immigrants.

      I wouldn’t feel so morally superior if I were you.

      • Shlomo says:

        Fuck you Josh. It’s a lot higher than 4 in 10. And while we are at it, we need to send the racist anti-white Jews to Apartheid Israel. You are Fucking FAG Josh Boy.

    • Calov says:

      I won’t defend American frat boys behaving like the swine they typically are. I support Mexico’s right to administer corporal punishment to obnoxious visitors to their country.

      On the other hand, prim Canadian liberals are so intolerable, I think we should annex Canada just to put an end to their lisping self- righteousness. This would be beneficial for both countries. Conservative Canadians could be admitted with their territory as states. Minorities and liberals could be deported to Quebec & maybe Ontario & become a territory with the legal status of Guam. Meanwhile parts of the American West Coast, British Columbia, and the northern territories could be opened up to homesteaders. Then liberal Canadians & their American compatriots could be with likeminded people & be truly virtuous in their new multicultural paradise, unencumbered by so much filthy lucre.

      • Your Name...will says:

        Let’s get things straight, Calov. You’re not going to annex Canada and Canadians have NO wish to be part of the USA. We’re civilised on our side of the border in a way that you will never be.

    • Carol says:

      Mexicans come here illegally, march in our streets with Mexican flags and signs that say ” Reconquista”, demanding “rights” they have no right to. They burn American flags. They use American welfare benefits and stolen SS numbers to get tax refunds to which they are not entitled. What the American kids did was rude, but doesn’t compare at all.

    • Big Johnson says:

      There’s a few million Mexicans in my country who act the same and worse. I take it you don’t have a problem with them being arrested and deported.

    • (((Susan))) says:


    • d layuni says:

      Susan nm what are you smoking?

    • Your Name...Jay P says:

      Oh susan, don’t worry, you will soon see what it is like to have illegal invaders demanding the Canadian government, yourself,(and people like yourself) to provide income, houses, food, medical, education- kindegarten to doctorate degree free of charge, interpreters, lawsuits for their incompetent work skills (if they decide to get a job), and drivers’ licenses so they can get loaded up with beer & liquor and plow into you or your family members, or friends, killing them, while they climb out of the devastation and walk away free and clear.
      Let us all know how you and all your compatriots fair with your new people.

  4. NetMad says:

    Personally I would not waste a minute of my time in Mexico but how many times have Mexican nationals waved the Mexican flag here, disregarded our border laws, killed our citizens and booed our national anthem at soccer games? We have had to put up with this kind of rude, disrespectful behavior for years. Glad you people got a little taste of it too.

  5. Son of a LEGAL immigrant says:

    How is building a wall on the border racist? If these kids hated Mexicans why the hell would they be in….MEXICO. You people are morons. It about stopping the ILLEGALS whether they are from China, Mexico, or North Africa.

  6. Alix Smith says:

    The Americans vacationing in Mexico were very rude! I’m not excusing their behavior but why don’t we read articles on this site that show illegal Mexicans in the USA burning our flag, booing our National Anthem, and holding signs stating “Make America Mexico again”! Both parties need a refresher course in proper manners!

  7. Patriotic American says:

    What is good for the gringos is good for them as well. They invade our country, even have their own channel where Gorge Ramos claim it is “their country”. I am sick of it! Where is our Gringo channel where we can broadcast Mexico is “our country”?

    “Build the wall!”

    • Mild Bill says:

      Mexico was our country when they surrendered it to us. Then we gave back to them the part we didn’t want. Most Mexicans on our side of the line were happy Americans won and accepted citizenship gladly. If they want citizenship, maybe they should start a war with the U.S., and lose again.

    • OverTheWaves says:

      what a dumb*ss, look at you complaining about univision, do you realize that you are posting comments in a website of local news in Yucatan peninsula in English?
      made by American editors living in Mexico

  8. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I don’t get it; how is this unacceptable? Mexicans do things in our country all the time that are much worse, but no one ever says they are unacceptable? One-way bias here?

  9. alix smith says:

    While I don’t condone Americans in Mexico being so rude it seems like both sides need a course in proper manners. I have never seen this site show Illegal Mexicans burning the US flag, booing our National Anthem, or holding signs stating “Make America Mexico Again”! Many Americans and Mexicans could certainly use a refresher course in proper manners!

  10. alix smith says:

    Not too biased. Do you only print opinions that you agree with?

  11. Michael says:

    What a surprise: stupid kids do rude things. If it were happening in any country besides Mexico, I might actually feel bad about it.

    Mexico shows NO respect for the US, and it’s government and people deserve NO respect in return.

    Build the wall!

  12. Red Avenger says:

    Building a wall is not racist. Mexico’s southern border is fortified against Central Americans – is that racist?

    • OverTheWaves says:

      you are wrong Mexico southern border is not a protection for Mexico, central americans have no interest in Mexico (Mexico doesn’t need cheap labor and working requirements are higher, not easy to get a job as a foreigner) they want to cross the country just to go to USA, that southern border is in favor of USA, and that immigration control is made by Mexico under pressure of USA.

  13. Donald says:

    Build that wall!

  14. Joe says:

    Interesting. The Mexican government enforces its immigration laws, but the US cannot? It is pure hypocrisy for the Mexican government to knowingly allow hundreds of thousands of people from South America and their people to cross illegally into the US placing a huge social and financial burden on the American people.

    • BonitaDave says:

      When someone crosses Mexico’s southern border, they are given a 21 day visa and help making it to the US border. A full 25% of Mexicans are now in the US. $30B a year gets sent from the US to Mexico. This is absolute BS. Mexico will pay for the wall.

  15. LOL says:

    If other countries would follow the path of freedom, liberty, individual rights and private property (as opposed to government control), they would be economically successful and have no reason to claw their way into the US. Don’t worry, with the US barreling towards government control on both the left and right, our economy will soon be so bad no one will want to immigrate anymore, anyways.

  16. The Fourth Horseman says:

    No apologies you self-hating american pussies! This is the same thing as the numerous illegal alien beaners that come up here and chant anti-american shit and burning our flag that has happened too many times to count.

    You assholes that apologize for this should be shot as traitors. You libtard commies make me sick!

    This comment comes from a veteran that served during a time of war so you leeches and social parasites can spout this shit like you did in this comment section.

  17. Aleric says:

    Oh boo hoo, I see the snowflakes are falling in Cancun, perhaps the Cartels will give you a break on the bribes they collect this month.

  18. Edward K says:

    Think about it ! They are expressing the same free speech, that those who have ILLEGALLY entered the U.S. do so here. So can, your selective and thus phony….. outrage !! Get over it !

  19. Boycott Mexico says:

    I agree “Build that Wall.” Every American visiting
    Mexico should say and and sing it after every
    “Buenos Dias.” If the Mexicans don’t
    like it than let’s take the next step and Boycott
    Mexico and stop celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

  20. Bob says:

    Cancun is an Americanized colony of Mexico. As long as they take their money, they can do what they want. Mexicans do the same in America. Go to Corpus Christi during Easter and watch what they do. They also display their flag and disgrace the US flag in US. Total BS.

  21. Drew C says:

    While this is indeed offensive and disappointing, it is no worse than the Mexicans who enter the United States illegally, and burn the American flag in protests, wave the Mexican flag, chant ‘make America Mexico again,’ or ‘Osama! Osama!’ At the US national soccer team.

  22. hound13 says:

    …interestingly; in about a week those spring-breakers will be back at home, leaving behind a small fortune in greenbacks. Over serving students,many of whom can’t legally drink in the US, and shockingly, they act “rude”. I’ve been to Cancun several times; always try to treat the people w/respect and courtesy. Seems pretty mild to me; unless you’re seeking “outrage”…

  23. Maria Sandoval says:

    I guess those of you who are critical of the students don’t mind when Mexican illegal aliens chant “no wall” in the US. Of course you do you hypocrites.
    Building a wall is not xenophobic or discriminatory. How would you respond if someone broke into your house, ate your food, made you pay for their education and healthcare, and used your bank account?

  24. AMERICA says:


  25. Matt S says:

    Boy, this editorial didn’t quite go the way the author planned, did it? LOL.

    Perhaps a bit of comeuppance is in order for the people who denigrate all things American, burning our flag, booing our national anthem, etc., yet can’t wait to cross our borders illegally and expect to be rewarded with immediate citizenship and all benefits thereof.

    Build that wall!

  26. James Ortagus says:

    The wall just got ten feet higher. Mexicans should come here the right way, then we will welcome you into our great Nation. If you come here illegally, you need to stay in your own country.

  27. Jay Ess says:

    Hey you invaders and illegal immigrants have racist attitudes all the time in US, as if it’s your country. Too bad, deal with it. You like our US money but not us. Maybe we don’t like you either.

  28. Morton Kramer says:

    Wondering if these kids were just responding to the ill-behaved illegals in our country who continue to protest, step on our flag and beat their chest while spouting how proud they are to be latino.

    Pardon me if I don’t take so much righteous umbrage at these college kids.

  29. John Smith says:

    Build that Wall… a racist Chant??? Let’s not get carried away here… seriously!!

  30. Chales says:



    Break the law, back you go, no way jose, ho ho ho!

  31. Noelia says:

    The racism in the comment section of this post is disgusting. All you ignorant internet trolls are in your safe space behind a keyboard and behind the illusion that you’re better than other people. Y’all can’t and won’t make America white again bc it was never white to begin with. Your damn white-lash will fizzle out soon enough. All of you and your disgrace for a leader are sad and your racist, facial mentalities will be a thing of the past once we all witness and endure the shit show you’re putting our country through. Love will win!

    • Ted says:

      Noelia, how do you know what’s in the hearts and minds of others? You call people “trolls” and insist that they’re racist and evil without knowing them, talking to them, or understanding them. You just draw gross stereotypes and say horrible things about people.

      That makes you a bigot, dear.

      Incidentally, what are “facial mentalities”?

    • Tyler says:

      The idiocy and racism in your comment is disgusting. Do you really think we don’t want illegals flooding in because we are afraid of their skin color? You are a fool. We don’t want them coming here ILLEGALLY because of their behaviors and the fact that we cant pay for all of these non-contributors who want a free meal/home/education/healthcare.

    • d layuni says:

      True, and with ilk like your poverty and disease ridden ancestors coming here and shitting out babie as quickly as possible, America will be a brown skinned, third world country like the shit hole your ancestors fled from.

  32. Notbuyingit says:

    Hmmmmm all these offended people but no video footage. But a still picture of people(maybe Americans or maybe not) clonking glasses in a toast. Yup that confirms the claims. I have seen way tooop many of these stories debunked to buy it. Sorry. Just cause the media says it doesn’t make it true. A totally uninvestigated claim passes as fact. FAKE NEWS

  33. Cindy Lou says:

    First of all, yes they should have watched their behavior, after all they could have easily ended up in some hell hole jail for 40 years….but their behavior is nothing different from the illegals that WE ‘educate’ here in the U.S. that walk out of schools and go to the street and riot and protest AGAINST the United States. Along with the thousands upon thousands of illegals that take to the streets in protest AGAINST the U.S. all the while, they’re taking OUR benefits and in our Country illegaly. Two wrongs don’t make a right as they say, but at least these guys that were rude in Cancun, was there LEGALLY. The ones we have here in the U.S.A. who act rude, violent and riot in the streets are not!

  34. bob says:

    Build that wall!

  35. Ted says:

    I guess I’m a little confused. Mexican nationals in the US (legal or not) frequently display the Mexican flag, have protested the display of the American Flag in US schools, file complaints when American students wear red, white and blue apparel or chant “USA” at pep rallies in their own American schools. Some Hispanic organizations in the US even fly the Mexican flag as a substitute for the American flag. Imagine if “boorish Americans” did that in Mexico!

    So why isn’t anyone apologizing by proxy for this racist behavior? It’s at least as offensive as chants of “Build that wall” and yet, AS USUAL, only Americans are being bashed, and everyone else’s bad behavior is excused.


  36. Jess Sain says:

    So, you come here and say outrageous stupid things such as this country is yours, commit crimes, freeload and cause us great expense and drunken college kids chanting build the wall crushes your very existence? Butch up snowflake, and you will pay for the wall.

  37. Confucius says:






    Have a nice apoplectic moment…

  38. Winchester Antrikin says:

    Feels good to see Americans displaying boisterous nationalism, the age of the weak, apologetic, self-loathing American is over.

    This wouldn’t be an issue if Mexicans had stayed proud Mexicans in Mexico. The jig is up, Americans are wise to the reconquista.

  39. The Fourth Horseman says:

    Noella needs to be sent back to mexico, or you need to be treated the same way your beloved country would treat any illegal alien, cuff ya, stuff ya for however long the authorities think you should rot and then deport your welfare leech ass. Take your “he’s a racist” commie inspired rhetoric back to where you belong, and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    We’re sick of your kind NOT integrating into OUR culture and expect us to bend over backwards for you people while you stomp all over our beliefs and culture.
    Take your “whitelash” BS libtard/democrat commie rhetoric and shove it the same place. The silent majority in this Republic are sick of the lies and communist propaganda that you minorities have been parroting for years while hiding under the skirt of political correctness. Enough is enough! We’re sick of it!

    A hearty F U to you.
    Fuck you!

  40. kek says:

    I haven’t heard any Mexican apologies for illegally using my tax dollars to buy themselves strollers, iphones, milk, and housing here in the USA. #buildthewall and FAST.

  41. Marc B. says:

    As soon as illegal alien Mexicans in the US stop voicing their opinions publicly, I will be sure to reprimand the US tourists in Mexico.

  42. mr_the_reality_check says:

    No video. No names. Lots of leftist outrage over a Facebook post some random user made making unsubstantiated wild allegations.

    The truth is:

    Leftie liberals make up stories like this and then screech about them showing their total ignorance and contempt for any view that opposes theirs. They LOVE criminals and have zero care about their victims. As there are zero hate crimes to scream about, they are constantly making them up. So full of hate. Hopefully one day they will grow up.

  43. Lance-- says:

    Time for Mexico to “Get Its Act together” and become a Real Country.

    From your Editorial – “This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors that young spring breakers have shown recently in Cancun and that are described as acts of xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country, which is (or should be) totally unacceptable.”

    Really ???? However, when Mexicans illegally come to the USA and break our laws, create an economic burden on our economic, welfare, education, and health systems and then export millions of not billions of dollars back to Mexico this is somehow deemed acceptable by Mexicans ??? I think NOT.

    And this unacceptable form of double standards which has been going on for many, many decades amigos is now coming to an end.

    One could almost see Mexico as a parasite and the USA as its Host. Its time for Mexico to “Get Its Act together” and become a Real Country of its own.

  44. American says:

    Unacceptable is a Mexican citized (who has illegally entered the U.S.) waving a Mexican flag around while demanding U.S. citizenship. Let’s talk about THAT kind of disrespect.

  45. Spunkstein says:

    The Russians must be behind this.

  46. Nationalist says:

    Adios, terrorist illegals. You time is nearing its end. We the American whites are waking up. Every day we grow tired of your crimes and your stupid ‘laaaateeeena’ attitudes. You entire families will be dragged out by the ears in your sleep. You are going back on the rafts you floated in on. Be afraid, beaner. Be very afraid.

  47. Alex says:

    Who but a criminal could object to a lock?

  48. Spicoli says:

    I call BS. In a world with a million cell phones and recorders of video and audio, there is nothing?

    This is prime fodder for the fake news set. I’m sure you are one of them.

    We are coming for the mediots.

  49. Cloudbuster says:

    Since Mexico is such a beautiful country, Mexicans should want to stay there. So, why care if there’s a wall?

    If you come legally, the wall is no problem, right?

    And you wouldn’t want to break the law, right?

    Mexico has strong immigration laws and doesn’t put up with people breaking them, so one would assume they’d be respectful of other countries’ right to do the same.

    Build that wall!

  50. Jimmy says:

    SAD, SAD, SAD. Certainly no need to apologize, would be great to see these folks locked up and taught a real lesson in a Mexican prison.

    In what world do “most Mexican’s” want to come to the US for a job? Certainly not this one.

    So let me get this straight, you kiddos don’t like people “disrespecting” the U.S., but you will fly down there to go run your mouths in their country? That’s why you went down to Mexico?

    I would just love to see you all put on a bus and have to deal with yourselves outside of Quintana Roo, when not being protected by your parents cash. Go spout your nonsense to the locals in their town and see how far your words really go.

    Its sad that the internet for you kids has turned into a place to actively never use your brains.

    Would be great if you just never left the states.


  51. odile says:

    The only thing I have to say, to the Americans chanting is “How does Mexican spit taste?” You morons realize those Mexicans that work at the resorts and on the ship probably put some pretty gross things in your food…
    And no, I don’t think it’s racist, maybe a little rude but who cares, Mexicans can be rude as hell to. Shove your manufactured mexican outrage up your mexican arse.

  52. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    So, American kids can’t wave U.S. flags in American schools populated by Mexican illegal aliens for fear of offending, yet these same aliens can wave Mexican flags on Cinco de Mayo while Americans can’t chant “Build the Wall” in Cancun?

  53. MidwestNorsk says:

    Boo Hoo. It’s going to be a big, beautiful wall!

  54. The Fourth Horseman says:


    That’s why I have never been to beanerland and will never go. That and the rampant crime, diseases and I am not going to spend my money in a country that purposely sends their dregs and losers to invade my country.

    F mexico!

    Oh, and Jimmy, please stay in your shithole of a country, and don’t waste your time spouting your libtard commie crap. No one is listening.

  55. Tom says:

    There is nothing racist about that chant.

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  58. Puddin Tain says:

    Thy should have been used for bait. No one here in the USA would have missed them, much.

  59. Gas The Spics says:

    Border war now!

  60. Mario says:

    So i think all you people need to do a dna check with ancestry and find out what you really are!!

  61. Dot says:

    I cannot believe that rudeness, disrespect and bad behaviour have become, not only acceptable, but defensible. Grow up!!
    I was just a child when I was told that “just because others did something wrong or stupid, it was not OK for me to do it.”

  62. L says:

    Wow. The blantant ignorance on this page is so rampant, it’s stunning. Thank goodness most young people in this country are reasonable, intelligent, and kind enough to embrace our brothers and sisters of all races and religions. All of us Americans are descended from immigrants (many illegal at one point), unless of course you are a Native American.

    By your logic, our ancestors were all invaders here, and we should be embracing Native culture and languages.

    Let’s celebrate each others’ diversity rather than further isolate each other. Give these hard working souls a path to citizenship, and they will take it.

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