Fisherman from Tabasco missing at sea off the Yucatán coast

The 40-year-old Hilario Luna Hernández from Tabasco has been reported missing since Friday, August 11th,.

Mauricio Vila supervised remodeling of Hotel Costa Club in Yucalpetén

With a renewed image, which offers greater comfort and fun for Yucatecan families during these.

Mexican Navy Staff rescues man having a heart attack on a ship in Progreso

For the second time in less than a week, the Navy carried out a maritime.

Alert at the Yucalpetén harbor due to catamaran crash in Progreso

Moments of tension and alert were registered at the Yucalpetén harbor when a catamaran crashed.

Crew member rescued at high sea off the coast of Progreso

YUCALPETÉN, Yucatan, March 17, 2023. – The Ministry of the Navy in the exercise of.

A boat explosion in Yucalpeten leaves one dead and two injured

An explosion and a fire occurred on Monday, August 1st, during the repair work on.

Maintenance works were carried out at Pig Beach in Yucalpeten, Yucatan

In order to supervise the maintenance work carried out by the Department of Public Services.

Yucatan Congressman calls for urgent crime prevention actions in Progreso

“Across the coast there is an event that our fisheries are seasonal, when we have.

Two men arrested for drug dealing in Progreso

(MERIDA, YUC. – FGE).- Accused of crimes against health in the form of drug dealing,.

Semarnat begins its move to Mérida; headquarters will start operating in 2022

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (December 18, 2021).- One of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s campaign promises was the.


Yucatán commemorates World Tourism Day with a program aligned with the UNWTO global objectives

In celebration of World Tourism Day, Yucatán held a Commemoration Day for World Tourism to highlight the importance of the…

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Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez is not only an idol in the boxing industry but also beloved and followed by several elite…

Families of 43 missing Mexican students march to demand answers 9 years after the tragedy

Chanting from one to 43, relatives of students abducted nine years ago counted out the number of the missing youths…

The ‘American Dream’ ends up for a dog that crossed illegally from Tijuana to the U.S. (Watch Video)

This week, a video went viral showing a dog crossing from Tijuana to the United States after several migrants took…

Progreso veteran fisherman dies at sea

Despite feeling unwell in the days leading up to the incident, Mr. Ramiro Lara Castillo, around 50 years old, was…