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Hurricane warnings for 2023: hurricanes expected to be of greater intensity

Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hispaniola, and the Gulf of Mexico should.

Weather in Merida January 11: Light showers expected during the afternoon

During this Wednesday, January 11, the entrance of humidity from the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of.

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Cold Front number 21 makes its entry into the Yucatan Peninsula

After 2 days, there are no records of the 21st Cold Front after its entry.

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Yucatan weather: the first cold front of the year is approaching

According to weather forecasts for Yucatan, the first cold front of the year is expected.

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Hot weather will prevail this Tuesday, January 3rd in Merida

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN) an anticyclonic circulation in the middle levels of.

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Wondering how many cold fronts will enter the Yucatan Peninsula in 2023?

Yucatan usually presents low temperatures from December through January and February, with wind chill of.

Worst snow storm in 45 years paralyzes the Eastern U.S.

Road and utility crews faced the task on Monday of digging out and restoring some.

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“Heladez” is back! Arctic air invasion to hit the Yucatan Peninsula

It will be this Friday, December 23 when Cold Front No. 19 will enter the.

Alaska: the coldest state in the US is heating up fast

As the negative consequences of rising global temperatures due to mankind’s relentless burning of fossil.

The first December storm in 10 years forms in the Atlantic

A subtropical storm? In December? The first in nearly 10 years? And its name could.


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Red Cross provides humanitarian aid for the first time to migrants at Mexico’s northern border

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Inflation in Mexico continues to decelerate in first half of September

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Yucatán government evaluates 61 projects for the rescue of Popular Culture in the region

In 2023, the Program for Support of Municipal and Community Cultures (Pacmyc) in Yucatán received 61 proposals, mostly from the…

Launch of iPhone 15 causes a stir around the world

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