Record-breaking deathly heatwave hits Yucatan

Yucatán has broken its record for deaths from heat stroke in 2023, with four deaths.

“Hot Friday” predicted for the Peninsula

On Friday, July 14th, low-pressure channels extending over the interior and southeastern regions of Mexico,.

Rain will continue in the region due to tropical wave 11

On Friday, tropical wave No. 11 will approach the Yucatán Peninsula and the southeastern region.

Hurricane Adrian strengthens off Mexico’s Pacific coast

Hurricane Adrian gained strength on Thursday, June 29th, far off Mexico’s Pacific coast, but farther.

Heatwave to ease in Yucatán; temperatures to ‘decrease’ over the weekend

It seems that the third heatwave will ease up in Yucatán, as a decrease in.

El Niño threatens Australia in 2023

El Niño is a climate phenomenon that occurs when the surface waters of the eastern.

High temperatures will be maintained in the region due to a high-pressure system

On Monday, June 19th, a high-pressure circulation in the mid-levels of the atmosphere will maintain.

Rain in Yucatán would give a ‘respite’ during heatwave

Due to the third heatwave with hot to extremely hot weather conditions in Mexico, there.

Merida registered 42.3 degrees Celsius with a “thermal sensation” of 52.6 degrees (125°F) on Sunday, June 11th

A maximum temperature of 42.3 °C (+0.3 more than the observatory record) with a maximum.

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2023 hurricane season officially began in the Atlantic Ocean

It is forecast that this hurricane season will have at least 12 storms, of which.


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