Did the ancient Maya know how to solve the water crisis in Yucatan?

Ancient Maya kings may have already told us how to tackle our water crisis, a.

rain drops
In the Oaxacan Mixteca region, the fight for water has a woman’s face

In the Oaxacan Mixteca region, Maribel and Graciela seek to raise awareness among children and.

Aguakan “washes its hands” over water shortage affecting Playa del Carmen

Neither Aguakan nor the real estate company Cadu are taking responsibility for the water cuts.

High temperatures increase demand for drinking water

The month of July represents one of the seasons with the highest demand for the.

Consumption of ice, soft drinks, and purified water increases in Yucatan

The city’s businesses have not been heavily affected economically due to the blackouts, as many.

Heat causes failures in the Merida’s drinking water system

In this season of intense heat, the consumption of drinking water in Yucatan increases up.

Intense heat increases water consumption in Mérida

Merida Yucatan; March 30, 2023.- The intense heat in recent weeks has significantly increased water.

Kekén farms have ‘killed’ groundwater in Kinchil and Maxcanú: says the UN

Groundwater flowing through Kinchil and Maxcanú is unfit for human consumption, contaminated with fecal coliforms.

Battle for water in Yucatan: there are big challenges to ensure the supply

In Mérida not so long ago there were still water wells and in relatively central.

50 wells and cenotes in Yucatan, at a yellow traffic light with poor quality water: Conagua

According to a Conagua study, 55 of 85 underground hydrological sites activate a yellow traffic.


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