UNAM has new rector: Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas

Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas is elected the new Rector of UNAM The UNAM Governing Board appointed.

UNAM Rector inaugurates the Museum of Light in Mérida

Authorities of the state government and the Rectorate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Day of the Dead “Mega Ofrenda” UNAM 2023

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) becomes once again the center of a celebration.

Classes suspended at UNAM due to bloodsucking bedbug massive attack

The Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM suspended classes to inspect the campus due to.

UFO expert presents ‘non-human bodies’ of alleged ETs before the Mexican Congress

With the display of two bodies of non-human beings in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies,.

Fruits and vegetables cost the same as junk food: UNAM

A common belief is that eating healthily is expensive or living a “fit life,” especially.

Anti-drug policy cannot be limited to prohibition: UNAM

In 2020, approximately 284 million people worldwide, aged 15 to 64, consumed narcotics, according to.

Mexico is one of the world leaders in religious tourism: UNAM

The religious segment of tourism is in vogue and, contrary to what may be thought,.

UNAM approves invalidating university degrees for plagiarism or academic misconduct

The University Council of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) today approved a series.

UNAM will revoke Minister Yasmín Esquivel´s degree for plagiarism

March 30, 2023.- After the scandal over the plagiarism of Minister Yasmín Esquivel’s professional thesis.


Negotiations advance for a new industrial park in Yucatán

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues his tireless work to attract investments to Yucatán, seeking to generate more jobs and improve…

Merida restaurants expect good sales during December

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac), Yucatan delegation, anticipates a notable increase in its sales during the Christmas and…

Mérida’s “En Bici” will be replicated in five Mexican cities

Other Mexican cities seek to expand the program due to its good results. The “En Bici” program, promoted by the Mérida…

Ticket sales for the Maya Train to begin next Friday, December 1st

As of December 15th, the Maya Trian operations will begin, with the route that runs from Campeche to Cancún. On…

The “Lights of Hope” are on in support of AMANC

In support of the  Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer  (AMANC), the Yucatán delegation,  local artists, and musicians are joining forces and…