Tere Cazola and Uber Eats sign alliance to enhance the gastronomic experience in Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán, November 15, 2023.- Tere Cazola, a Yucatecan leader in culinary arts, and the.

Uber drivers will be trained to provide safe mobility for women in Mexico

The Instituto Municipal de las Mujeres (IMM) and Uber joined forces in a pilot program.

There have been 50 attacks against Uber drivers in Cancun so far this year

As of this year, 2023, there have been 50 reported attacks on Uber drivers in.

Cancun: cab drivers stone Uber driver at Royalton hotel

There has been another case of aggression by cab drivers against an Uber driver, who.

Uber wins another victory in Quintana Roo: delivery drivers will not need a special permit to work in Cancun

Quintana Roo wanted to force Uber Eats to submit to applying for permits, obtaining a.

two person riding gray cafe racer
Uber Moto is an out-of-regulation service in Merida: OMSM

Following the announcement of the start of operations of Uber Moto in Mérida, the Observatorio.

person holding a smartphone
Uber Moto arrives in Merida, Yucatan

This new mobility product from Uber has a substantially lower cost than UberX. Uber Moto.

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Why can’t Uber provide service at the Merida airport despite the lack of taxi cabs?

Passengers arriving at the Merida airport on the early bird flight have complained recently about.

UBER could be returning to Campeche soon

In Campeche, the possibility of the entry of applications such as Uber is still being.

Complaints of abuse by transport service platforms fares increase during the holiday season

The increase is more than 300 percent, a situation that obviously displeases users. MÉRIDA, Yucatán,.


Five pyramidal archaeological structures reopened to the public in Izamal

As of Thursday, December 7th. the five archaeological structures in Izamal were completely reopened, enabled for public visits, reported the…

Tamales: A family recipe passed down from generation to generation

There is not just one traditional Mexican Christmas Dinner but a diversity of dishes depending on the region. But there…

Authorities report a death in a Mérida’s Rehabilitation Center

The death would be allegedly the result of a fight inside the facility. On Thursday, December 7th, a police mobilization…

2022 bullfigthing ban lifted by Mexican Supreme Court of Justice

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a 2022 ban on bullfighting in Mexico City, opening the way for events to resume. A…

“La Casa del Yucateco” is now open to the public in San Francisco CA

The new space is a fulfilled commitment of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal where attention and advice is offered to Yucatecans…