Job Opportunities at Tren Maya for qualified professionals from Yucatan

If you are a qualified professional looking for a job, Tren Maya has announced a.

Mayan Train worker dies after health complications in Playa del Carmen

A Maya Train project worker died due to health complications and lack of adequate medical.

Mural painting found in Ek Balam

Amid complaints from environmentalists, farmers, and Maya communities about the construction work of the controversial.

Sedatu expropriates properties in Campeche for the Mayan Train Project

The Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) expropriated 215,530 square meters of 77 privately.

“Tren Maya: improvements needed in archaeological exploration”

The purpose of archaeological salvage efforts in the Tren Maya project is to expand areas.

A jaguar is caught on camera in the Tren Maya area

A jaguar was captured on video while walking in the middle of the Tren Maya.

FONATUR announced approximate ticket prices to ride the Tren Maya

Government Tourism Agency FONATUR announced ticket prices for the Tren Maya The categories for the.

“The train and the peninsula”, a documentary that portrays vision of Maya people

A lot has been said about the Tren Maya and the implications it could have..

Campeche farmers threaten to block the Tren Maya as a protest

Farmers and residents of the of Dzitbalché, Campeche threatened to block the tracks of the.

Archaeological discovery in works of the Tren Maya

As part of the archaeological rescue conducted with the works of the Tren Maya, a.


Renán Barrera kicks off the celebrations of Mérida Carnival 2024

Amidst colorful costumes, music, and the rhythm of various neighborhood and township Comparsas that made the attendees dance, Mayor Renán…

Arturo Delgado is the name of the first Mexican to buy the iPhone 15

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Hotels in Yucatan closed the holiday season with good occupancy

August, the last month of the summer vacations, left Yucatan hotels with an occupancy rate of 59 percent, which represented…

17 houses for Aluxes will be placed in Cancun’s Parque Kabah

At least 17 houses for Aluxes (mythical creatures in Mayan folklore) are planned to be placed along the two-kilometer trail…

Elderly man in critical condition after getting trapped in a fire in Progreso

A couple of elderly individuals experienced moments of terror and fear when they became trapped inside a house on fire…