Volaris warns that the reduction of operations at AICM compromises connectivity nationwide

Volaris has reported that the new restriction on operations at the Mexico City International Airport.

Yucatecan exposes Airbnb host in Mérida for discrimination against locals

The Airbnb application began in 2008 when two designers with spare space hosted three travelers.

On Saturday, September 2nd, Chichén Viejo will open to the eyes of the world

It will be on September 2nd when the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López.

Campeche: an unexplored state full of natural and historical beauties

The state of Campeche emerges from the heart of southeastern Mexico, remaining a well-kept secret,.

”Magical” party agenda in Valladolid

Valladolid celebrates eleven years of being designated a “Magic Town” VALLADOLID, YUCATAN.— The city council.

Spanish town painted red during “La Tomatina” festival

Revellers hurled tonnes of over-ripe tomatoes at each other in the eastern Spanish town of.

Ambulance totally destroyed after colliding with a tree in Maxcanú, Yucatán

Maxcanú, Yucatán, August 30, 2023.- The driver of an ambulance property of the Maxcanú City.

Tourists from San Luis Potosí end up in the bushes on the Celestún-Kinchil road

Celestún, Yuc., August 30, 2023.- An accident involving a Nissan March compact vehicle was recorded.

AMLO’s administration plans to cap flights at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM)

Mexico’s government plans to cap flights at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) to 43.

Isla Mujeres aims to promote cultural tourism as a Magical Town

Cultural tourism is one of the segments being targeted for consolidation through appropriate promotion of.


Food scarcity is becoming a concern on Mexico’s southern border due to a new massive migration wave

The unprecedented new wave of migration at the southern border of Mexico has led to a shortage of food in…

Strength in labor markets is boosting the economies of Brazil and Mexico

The labor markets in Brazil and Mexico have extended their strong performance into the third quarter, surprising experts and bolstering…

The U.S. and Mexico initiated a high-level dialogue on economic cooperation

Mexico dominates the diplomatic agenda of the United States, with a High-Level Dialogue this Friday, September 29th, in Washington on…

Road accident in Playa del Carmen leaves 7 dead

In the early hours of Saturday, a fatal traffic accident occurred on the Playa del Carmen-Tulum highway, leaving a devastating…

Cartels are recruiting migrants and women as hitmen

In Chihuahua, drug cartels have begun recruiting foreign migrants as hitmen, taking advantage of their mobility and vulnerability. Local authorities…