Membrane developed in Yucatan to reduce the negative environmental impact of textiles in water

The Membrane Laboratory of the Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán A. C. (CICY) developed.

Sexting: a common practice among Yucatecan teenagers

Confinement by Covid-19 triggered this practice among minors The confinement in homes due to the.

Robotaxis start rolling out on California public roads!

More than two years ago, Amazon subsidiary Zoox unveiled an electric, autonomous robotaxi it built from the.

Merida’s City Hall will seek to acquire new high-tech equipment

“The Mérida City Hall supported the control tasks in the Peón Contreras theater incident with.

Yucatecan students will have 100% scholarships to study engineering careers

To encourage the participation of young Yucatecan women in learning science and new technologies, Governor.

Yucatecan wins contest organized by SICT and Huawei

Alejandro Santoscoy was chosen for his autonomous driving vehicle prototype. Alejandro Santoscoy Rivero, a graduate.

Airbus partners with Japanese Hiratagakuen to test future eVTOL flight routes

Airbus is partnering with Japanese helicopter operator Hiratagakuen to develop advanced air mobility services in.

Amazing Flying Car Could Hit the Market in Weeks After Getting FAA Approval

A Ferrari-red flying car is could soon become every commuter’s dream come true: It would.

China’s top chip maker SMIC may have achieved a technological breakthrough

China’s top chip maker has likely gained the ability to produce 7-nanometre chips, according to.

There’s a 100% Electric Car built by Mexican women, its name is Zacua

After an almost 5-year hiatus the Zacua, a 100% electric and 100% Mexican car company,.


Drought Threatens Mexican Corn; Investment in Irrigation Key to Solving the Problem

Drought and changes in rainfall patterns due to climate change are putting food security in Mexico at risk. While domestic…

Ramírez Marín is out of the Morena internal process and is the laughingstock of his former PRI colleagues

The State Council of Morena in Yucatán defined the list of candidates for the gubernatorial candidacy who will proceed to…

Yucatan’s exports grow, mainly in the manufacturing sector

Driven by the arrival of new investments from major brands that come to install their assembly centers, as well as…

crime scene do not cross sign

Corpse with a chest wound found in Tizimín, Yucatán

The Municipal Police of Tizimín arrested two individuals after discovering the body of an elderly person in an empty lot…

Solar Eclipse will draw tourists to Campeche! Hotels register a 60% occupancy so far for those dates

The hotel sector in the municipality of Campeche is registering over 60% in reservations from tourists who will visit the…