The two Meridas will reconnect in August

Next August, the visit of the mayor of Mérida, Spain has been scheduled for a.

Yucatan consolidates its position as a first class tourist destination in Europe

For the third consecutive day at Fitur 2023, the most important event of the tourism.

The two Valladolids: Mexico and Spain unite for tourism promotion

With the objective of developing actions that contribute to achieve better results in brand positioning.

Mexico arrives at Fitur with a gigantic pavilion

Mexico will have the largest pavilion of all Latin American countries at the International Tourism.

Mauricio Vila visits the port of Barcelona to analyze development opportunities for Progreso

On his tour of Spain, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal visited the port.

Security in Yucatan is built by all: Mauricio Vila during his participation in the Smart City Expo World Congress

In the presence of representatives from 700 cities and regions from the five continents attending.

table wine shadow macro
Millionaire theft… of wines! 132 bottles taken from Coque restaurant in Madrid

A new mafia seems to have emerged in Spain that is after the country’s prized.

spain flag in pole
Three Meridas in one place, Madrid in November

In the first days of November, Yucatecan businessmen will participate in the fairs of Madrid.

Cadiz participating in the First International Meeting of Carnivals in Mérida (Yucatán)

The Cadiz Councillor for Culture and Festivals, Lola Cazalilla, attends the event and will participate.

Colombian recording artist Shakira to face trial for tax fraud in Spain

On Tuesday, September 27th, a Spanish judge approved a trial for Colombian pop singer Shakira.


Ecological Police and UADY experts release a dolphin that was stranded in front of Progreso’s Malecon

This morning, the Ecological Police and personnel from the Program for the Investigation and Conservation of Marine Mammals of Yucatan…

bowl of chocolate spread with spoon

Prepare a delicious Chocolate Mousse with cherry ripe truffles at home

Who doesn't love a tasty dessert after a meal and even more when it's a sweet and tasty chocolate mousse.…

Earlier in January, Carnival cruise rescued 19 at sea near Cozumel

A cruise ship that docked the island of Cozumel on Thursday, January 5th, was responsible for rescuing 19 at sea.…

Chicken Satay skewers (the perfect weekend snack)

Satay style chicken skewers are perfect for a weekend snack. You can offer them hot or warm, together with sweet…

What is a Cocina-Selva? Check out this new concept, that maybe you’ll want to copy

This project by Manuel Cervantes is a good example of contemporary Mexican architecture, with a repertoire of textures and materials…