Municipal authorities promote new cultural projects in Mérida

 To strengthen the artistic abilities of the Municipality, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha signed a letter.

Renán Barrera consolidates new alliances with Amazon for the benefit of the people of Merida

After a work session with Amazon executives, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha reported that a new.

Residents denounce Renán Barrera as an accomplice in what they called “Ecocide” in Sierra Papacal

The Municipality of Mérida, headed by Renán Barrera Concha, is complicit in the ecocide being.

Renán Barrera to participate in the Cities of the Americas Summit

Mayor Renan Barrera Concha informed that Merida was one of the five cities selected to.

For the love of all the arts, we will promote more Culture in Merida (Renán Barrera)

In order to continue strengthening culture and the arts, and to ensure that they reach.

Renán recognizes the commitment of municipal employees

On the eve of the commemoration of municipal employees, celebrated every April 24th, Mayor Renán.

Altabrisa residents to distribute a triptych called: “Parque Tho’ The lies of Renan Barrera”

The Asociación de Vecinos de Altabrisa A.C. (Altabrisa Neighbors Association) informed that it is preparing.

Mérida is functional and efficient thanks to the citizens’ compliance with their property tax payments

Renán Barrera reports that as of the end of the first quarter of the year,.

Merida is positioning as a World-Class tourist destination

MÉRIDA, Yuc., March 30, 2023.- The City Council headed by Renán Barrera Concha has as.

Renán Barrera adds efforts in favor of the most vulnerable groups in Yucatán

As a responsible authority with a human face, it is necessary to join efforts and.


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