New “Va y Ven” buses will arrive soon in the south of Mérida

With the operation of 30 new and modern units, the “Va y ven” Public Transportation.

Renán promotes innovative practices that improve municipal services

At the City Hall we encourage municipal agencies to propose administrative processes that improve and.

Renán Barrera promotes the well-being of Yucatecan families

As part of the commitment to improve the living conditions of residents in the most.

Merida City Hall promotes healthcare amongst senior citizens

The Municipality of Mérida, led by Renán Barrera Concha, is taking care of the health.

Renán reaffirms commitment to consolidating the development of Mérida

Renán Barrera reaffirms his commitment to consolidating the tourism and gastronomic vocation of Mérida through.

Renán inaugurates Intermunicipal Forums in Izamal

In Mérida, the joint and coordinated work with all sectors of society has been the.

Renán Barrera promotes environmental care

Hand in hand with the new generations seeking to join the actions of protection and.

Renán Barrera delivers computers to Yucatecan students in Merida

To provide more opportunities for the youth in the Municipality and support family economies, the.

Mayor Renán Barrera promotes the care and preservation of wildlife in Mérida

To ensure the well-being and health of each species that inhabits the zoos in Mérida,.

Renán Barrera approves the first Macromer credits

To consolidate and strengthen the local economy, the Municipal Government led by Renán Barrera Concha.


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