Expansion of Puerto Progreso, an economic catalyst in Yucatán: Sefoet

The project of the Altura Port in Progreso aims not only to bring Yucatán to.

Loan, Debt, and Mega Projects in Progreso, Yucatán

In the coming days, the Governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, is expected to submit.

Tourists ‘can’t stand’ the heat in Yucatán; they prefer to stay on the cruise ships

More than 4,500 passengers aboard the Carnival Valor cruise ship were surprised by temperatures exceeding.

CINVESTAV finds plastic in fish and seafood consumed in Yucatán

Mussels, clams, oysters, octopus, fish of various species, and sea turtles are contaminated with microplastics,.

Progreso City Council ‘loots’ sand from the boardwalk, residents denounce

The City Council, led by Julián Zacarías Curi, continues to generate discontent among the people.

Expansion of Puerto Progreso would take 12 months: Mauricio Vila

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal presented the details of the expansion of the Puerto de Altura.

Julián Zacarías celebrates Teacher’s Day with the presentation of the Distinguished Teacher Award 2023

With the aim of highlighting the fundamental role that education plays in the development of.

Tourists invade prohibited beaches in Progreso due to a lack of surveillance

Despite the placement of buoys to delimit the beach adjacent to the Traditional Boardwalk, dozens.

Fishermen claim the restoration of Progreso Pier affects their economy

The multimillion-dollar project, corresponding to the second phase of the construction of nearly 30 meters.

Progreso Municipality makes coordinated efforts to prevent addiction among young people

As part of the report on the results of the first phase of Juventudes Yucatán,.


Yucatan could become “a new border” with the U.S.: Mauricio Vila

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Open call for INE Yucatan board members

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Birds prevent Volaris flight from landing at Merida Airport

Birds on the runway at Merida International Airport forced the crew of Volaris flight 5196 to circle before landing. The…

Urban Expansion “Devours” Mangrove Area in the Eastern Coastal Beaches of Yucatan

The mangroves in the ports of San Felipe, Río Lagartos, Las Coloradas, and El Cuyo are the most affected areas…