Decrease in animal abuse reports in Yucatan

According to Raúl Argáez, legal representative of Un Millón de Esperanzas A.C., cases of animal.

Mauricio Vila supervises Public Veterinary Hospital construction works

The governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, and the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha,.

Construction works of the first Merida Public Veterinary Hospital are advancing favorably

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and Mayor Renán Barrera Concha of Mérida conducted a tour to.

closeup photography of adult short coated tan and white dog sleeping on gray textile at daytime
First hotel for abandoned dogs and cats opens in Mexico City

With the aim of raising awareness about abandoned animals on the streets of Mexico, the.

Dog rescued after falling into a cenote in Valladolid, Yucatán

Valladolid – Members of the coordinated municipal police of this municipality in eastern Yucatan, assigned.

Your pets are vulnerable to heat stroke. Do you know the symptoms?

If your dog or cat is panting excessively, goes into shock, or has fever and.

Anima, a dog turned into a thanatologist to provide comfort for owners of pets that have died

The first rescued dog in Mexico trained to assist and accompany pet owners in a.

Is sleeping with my pet a good idea?

For decades, humans have shared intimate spaces with companion animals, to the point where they.

Coping with separation anxiety in dogs: The soothing power of music

For many dog owners, leaving their beloved furry friends behind can be a source of.

DIY Cat Toy: How to make a simple and fun toy for your feline friend

Cats love to play, and having toys can keep them entertained for hours. However, store-bought.


“House of the Yucatecan” opens its doors in San Francisco, California

The new space is a commitment fulfilled by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to offer attention and advice to Yucatecans with…

Alert for beach house rental scams in Yucatán

Iván Cervera, vice-president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) of Mérida, called on the owners of summer…

Corn Day celebrations are affected by low production

Domestic production suffered a significant drop with respect to the previous year. National Corn Day is celebrated on September 29,…

“The United States shouldn’t be taken seriously,” says AMLO

Verónica Malo highlights the points of the Mexico-United States bilateral relationship in her response to AMLO's statement that the northern…

Carlos Ospina, President of Grupo Sura Mexico, Dies in a Traffic Accident

On the afternoon of Friday, September 29, Carlos Ospina Duque, the President of Grupo Sura in Mexico, died in a…