President of El Salvador inaugurates new National Library

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is changing the face of Central America, not least in.

El Salvador sends 4,000 troops into 3 communities to apprehend gang members

El Salvador sent more than 4,000 security forces into three communities on the outskirts of.

43,000 El Salvadorans tied to criminal gangs are still free

A confidential intelligence document from El Salvador’s National Civil Police shows that after a year.

El Salvador opens a new 40,000-person prison

Authorities in El Salvador have opened one of Latin America’s largest prisons, more than doubling.

Even on Christmas Eve, El Salvador conducts anti-drug military operation

El Salvador started Christmas Eve with a military operation against drug dealers in a San.


Chichén Itzá would reach a record number of visitors

The management of the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá foresees an increase in visitors starting in the first half of…

Pablo Escobar’s son warns young people in Mérida not to get carried away by revenge

A resounding no to drugs, alcohol, and the criminal life expressed hundreds of students at the closing of the municipal…

Tragic dawn in Valladolid: motorcyclist suffers fatal accident

A motorcyclist who was traveling last December 3 in the morning on the Xocén-Xuilub road, in Valladolid, skidded with the…

Woman dies from shark attack on a Jalisco beach

A woman died from injuries she suffered from a shark attack on the beach of Melaque Bay in Jalisco. The…

Tren Maya station in Teya remains unfinished

Next Friday, December 15, the Tren Maya is scheduled to be inaugurated and its first trip will be from Campeche…