Man rescued from the bottom of a well in the Periférico de Mérida

A man fell to the bottom of a well in the Mérida’s Periferico. Rescuers from.

Runaway teenager who escaped home violence is found in Valladolid

A 16-year-old adolescent, who left her home in Valladolid on March 5, and who after.

Fire mobilizes firefighters, ambulances, and SSP police officers in the south of Mérida

A citizen report to the 9-1-1 emergency number at 11:13 p.m. alerted the Ministry of.

Corpse found in Tahmek, Yucatán dump could be identified by tattoos on the arm

A body in the Tahmek dump set off the alarms since the man might have.

A woman from Mérida commits suicide, and her son finds the body

So far this year, the number of suicides in Yucatan have reached 83. And on.

Fugitive wanted for kidnapping in Campeche is arrested in Mérida

A fugitive from the law in the state of Campeche since 2010, wanted for the.

New protests against bullfighting in Mérida

“Torture is not art or culture, it is animal abuse”, “Criminal is who mistreats an.

Young cowboy dies after being attacked by a bull in Kanasín Yucatán

A tragedy occurred on Sunday, April 17th, during a Yucatecan Rodeo tournament (locally known as.

Traffic tickets in Yucatan: How much do I have to pay?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are considered to be more busy in terms of traffic on.

Citizens save a man from drowning in Chicxulub Puerto

This Thursday afternoon, a person was rescued by civilians when he was drowning in Chicxulub.


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