Mérida’s Inalámbrica sports facility is renewed with the rehabilitation of its American Football field

Users of the Inalámbrica sports facility can now enjoy renovated and improved spaces with the.

Authorities promote healthy and nutritious environments at schools statewide

With the purpose of promoting healthy habits in girls and boys, the Ministry of Education.

And so, “Man was made of Corn”

According to the sacred Maya book, Popol Vuh, after several attempts, the gods finally created.

“The Corners of Merida”: a topic for the “Piece of the Month” at Museo de la Ciudad

Mérida, Yucatán, September 23rd, 2023.- With 30 photographs, four paintings and descriptive texts the Museo.

This year, Mérida will receive an investment of $242 million in digital infrastructure

In the context of the Megatec Tour, which opened the day before yesterday at the.

Former governor of Yucatán Ivonne Ortega announces engagement with former Congressman Javier Osante

The former governor of Yucatán, Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, got engaged to the former local deputy.

Renán Barrera kicks off the celebrations of Mérida Carnival 2024

Amidst colorful costumes, music, and the rhythm of various neighborhood and township Comparsas that made.

The Otoño Cultural 2023, a Yucatecan art and talent festival

The Otoño Cultural (Cultural Fall), the greatest festival of the arts in Mexico’s southeast, will.

Mysterious attack at Parque de las Américas

A man was attacked with a knife in the Parque de las Américas, in Mérida,.

Cultural Autumn: the Festival of the Arts with 172 free events

The Cultural Autumn, the Festival of the Arts, presents its 39th edition with a wide.


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