macro shot photography of black and yellow bees
Swarm of bees attacks police officers while investigating a robbery in Kinchil

Municipal Police officers were alerted by Mr. Martin Solis, who was told by friends of.

Kekén farms have ‘killed’ groundwater in Kinchil and Maxcanú: says the UN

Groundwater flowing through Kinchil and Maxcanú is unfit for human consumption, contaminated with fecal coliforms.

Intense search for missing young man in the municipality of Kinchil

It has now been 21 days since Magdiel Adolfo Reyes Canul went missing, but his.

Drunk man arrested after shooting rifle into the air in Kinchil, Yucatan

Juan Bartolomé Q.L. (aka “Motor”) who was under the influence of alcohol, was arrested for.

One more car accident on the Kinchil-Celestún road

There is no doubt that the Kinchil-Celestún section is one of the Yucatan roads with.

Man robs store, celebrates in cantina and is finally arrested in Kinchil, Yucatan

Two different police incidents took place on Tuesday, November 22nd, in the municipality of Kinchil,.

Three drunks try to rob a bank with knives and machetes in Kinchil, Yucatan

Three men under the influence of alcohol tried to force their way into the facilities.

Tabasco family unharmed after a road accident on the Kinchil-Celestún highway

A family from Tabasco, who was on board a Nissan Sentra, endured an inexplicable rollover.

Crane operator falls to his death in Kinchil, Yucatan

Wilian Eduardo Pool Canul, 45, who worked on a crane, suffered a heavy fall when.

Man injured in hunting accident in Tetiz, Yucatán

The veteran countrymen used to say that the mountain is sacred, just as it provides,.


Yucatan could become “a new border” with the U.S.: Mauricio Vila

At the National Palace, Mauricio Vila, governor of Yucatán, pointed out that Yucatán has the capacity to become a new…

Drunk driver falls asleep and crashes into a post in Campeche

State agents secured a man in a complete state of drunkenness after falling asleep while driving his compact car in…

Open call for INE Yucatan board members

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 6, 2023.- The National Electoral Institute (INE) issued the call for citizens interested in filling a vacancy…

Birds prevent Volaris flight from landing at Merida Airport

Birds on the runway at Merida International Airport forced the crew of Volaris flight 5196 to circle before landing. The…

Urban Expansion “Devours” Mangrove Area in the Eastern Coastal Beaches of Yucatan

The mangroves in the ports of San Felipe, Río Lagartos, Las Coloradas, and El Cuyo are the most affected areas…