A man attacks his neighbor with an axe in Kinchil

A terrible bloody night broke into the tranquility of the municipality of Kinchil, after a.

Dogs save their owner from dying during a fire in Kinchil, Yuc.

“Chocolata” and “Negra” woke up their owner, an elderly woman, so she could get out.

Land grabbing, a threat to indigenous communities in Yucatán

On the occasion of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the Mayan communities of Ixil.

Personnel transportation vehicle catches fire in Kinchil, Yuc.

A personnel transport vehicle was engulfed in flames in the early hours of Thursday on.

53-year-old man bitten by rattle snake in Kinchil, Yucatán

A 53-year-old man received a dangerous bite from a small snake when he was cutting.

macro shot photography of black and yellow bees
Swarm of bees attacks police officers while investigating a robbery in Kinchil

Municipal Police officers were alerted by Mr. Martin Solis, who was told by friends of.

Kekén farms have ‘killed’ groundwater in Kinchil and Maxcanú: says the UN

Groundwater flowing through Kinchil and Maxcanú is unfit for human consumption, contaminated with fecal coliforms.

Intense search for missing young man in the municipality of Kinchil

It has now been 21 days since Magdiel Adolfo Reyes Canul went missing, but his.

Drunk man arrested after shooting rifle into the air in Kinchil, Yucatan

Juan Bartolomé Q.L. (aka “Motor”) who was under the influence of alcohol, was arrested for.

One more car accident on the Kinchil-Celestún road

There is no doubt that the Kinchil-Celestún section is one of the Yucatan roads with.


Yucatecan Cooperative receives an award for environmental actions

With a call to defend the natural wealth of Yucatán and in particular, the mangroves, undertake actions to contribute to…

“Max” a dog from Progreso that highlights animal cruelty in Yucatán

A new case of cruelty against animals was recorded on the morning of this Tuesday, November 28 in Progreso: a…

Construction works affect sales at Merida’s Gastronomic and Tourist Corridor

The works surrounding the Mérida Gastronomic and Tourist Corridor affect businesses, as sales have decreased in places such as Santa…

A car overturns in the north of Mérida

Traffic events mobilized agents of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) to the northeast of the city on the afternoon of…

Are crimes like car theft registering an increase in Yucatán?

Car theft in Yucatán increased this year compared to 2022, according to the monthly report prepared by the Executive Secretariat…