“Progreso will have more employment opportunities with the arrival of Chedraui” (Julián Zacarías)

As previously reported by The Yucatan Times, Grupo Chedraui is making a 3.6 billion pesos.

Julian Zacarías delivers his second annual report

In an event marked by the presentation of the Second Results Report of the Municipal.

Progreso Sports Unit: the new benchmark at the state level for the benefit of thousands of athletes

Progreso, Yucatán, August 7, 2023. Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi inaugurated the newly remodeled Progreso Sports.

Julián Zacarías Curi inaugurates the Teabo Expo

The mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, and the municipal secretary of Teabo, Rita Domínguez.

Julián Zacarías oversees cleaning and desilting operation of wells

In an effort to guarantee the development of quality urban services for the residents of.

Julián Zacarías supervises the new lighting system at the Chicxulub pier

In an effort to improve tourist infrastructure and ensure safety at the Chicxulub pier, Mayor.

Clean-up campaign is carried out on the streets of Chelem

The Municipality of Progreso, led by Julián Zacarías Curi, carried out an important cleaning campaign.

Julián Zacarías receives the Swiss ambassador in Mexico

In a gesture that contributes to strengthening the international projection of Progreso, Mayor Julián Zacarías.

We must take care of Progreso together: Julián Zacarías

In an effort to improve the quality of life for residents and preserve the natural.

Julián Zacarías supervises electrical network expansion in Chelem

In an effort to strengthen the basic infrastructure of Chelem, the mayor of Progreso, Julián.


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