National Palace and other buildings are ¨barricaded¨ for the 8M annual protest

Buildings such as the National Palace and the Cathedral are guarded by metal fences, prior.

International Women’s Day 2023 focuses on digital inclusion

The United Nations seeks to recognize women’s and feminist organizations that seek to reduce the.

Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day as a focal point.

Women are set to lead the economic development in Yucatán

This Saturday, the former mayor of Mérida, Angélica Araujo Lara, presided over a women’s meeting.

Vandalism during #8M feminist march damages the heritage of Mérida

Despite the ‘white balance’, meaning, no injuries, or situations to be regretted during the feminist.

 ‘I am scared to simply be a woman in Mexico’

Thousands of women took to the streets here Tuesday, demanding an end to gender-based killings.

Police brutality in SMA during #8M march

At least one male and three female police officers who were filmed assaulting various people.

International Women’s Day rally drew mass protests against femicide across Mexico

An International Women’s Day rally in Mexico drew mass protests against violence on Tuesday, with.

Mexico City expects a long day today, March 8th

Last September, in the middle of a roundabout along Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma,.

CDMX deploys three thousand women police officers to monitor the mega-march

The Government of CDMX reported that in the operation to monitor the mobilizations of women.


AMLO announces he will present reforms to the Judiciary in February

López Obrador insisted that the reform must be carried out as soon as possible so that Mexicans can elect judges…

Mexicana de Aviación to launch with military planes

Mexico's newest commercial airline, due to be run by the military, is set to launch later this month using military…

Firefigthers control situation at Cozumel’s Plaza del Sol

On Wednesday, December 6th, a fire broke out in a premises located on the second floor of the Plaza del…

Seismic alert sounds due to a 5.7 magnitude earthquake with epicenter in Chiautla, Puebla

In the context of Plate Tectonics, Mexico is located in the so-called Ring of Fire, where a large part of the telluric…

Daughter of José Alfredo Jiménez prepares album with unreleased material

Paloma Jiménez Gálvez keeps a notebook with 80 songs that his father, the iconic Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez did…