Tasty Yucatecan dishes to celebrate Mexico

This patriotic month here is a friendly reminder that in Mexican cuisine not everything is.

Patriotic craving? How about some “Enchiladas a la Michoacana” from doña Ángela

Mexico’s culinary art has conquered palates around the world, but few have managed to highlight.

Kibis, the most Yucatecan of the Lebanese dishes

Whether eaten on the beach, at a baseball game, or on a busy Mérida avenue,.

Affordable prices at the Mérida Restaurant Week 2023

More than 350 restaurants from Mérida, Umán, Progreso, Izamal, Valladolid, and Tizimín will participate in.

Wondering what to order on your next trip to Mérida?

Yucatecan food in Merida Yucatecan food is a unique and delicious cuisine that reflects the.

A taste of Yucatan in France

Wilson Alonzo is a traditional cook from Halachó and a few days ago he taught.

ARVAY promotes gastronomy from Valladolid in the United States

San Diego, California, March 28, 2023.- Following up on the gastronomic and tourism promotion agenda.

Yucatan to Host “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants” Event.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán — Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022, sponsored by San Pellegrino & Acqua Panna,.

Yucatan will participate in the International Gastronomic Contest in Spain

In the Year of Yucatecan Gastronomy and as part of the actions implemented by the.

Gastronomic Marathon brings 365 Yucatecan flavors to Tijuana

After the peninsula-to-peninsula twinning between Yucatan and Baja California was signed in 2019, a new.


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AMLO announces new test of Maya Train, this time in Bacalar, Quintana Roo

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Mexican Senator proposes to grant animals constitutional rights and declare them sentient beings

PRI senator Ángel García Yáñez proposed to include in the Political Constitution the recognition of animals as "sentient beings", which…

Renán Barrera kicks off the celebrations of Mérida Carnival 2024

Amidst colorful costumes, music, and the rhythm of various neighborhood and township Comparsas that made the attendees dance, Mayor Renán…

Arturo Delgado is the name of the first Mexican to buy the iPhone 15

At Tech Bit we had the opportunity to interview Arturo Delgado, who was the first person to get his hands…