The US issues negative certifications against Mexico for illegal fishing and sea turtle mortality

The United States government has issued a double negative certification against Mexico due to ongoing.

Yucatecan fishermen fight for interdependence and conservation

Fishing has been an age-old practice that sustains communities, cultures, and economies worldwide. Yet, the.

Expectations recede in the second week of the octopus season

Expectations for the octopus season have diminished as the fishing sector faces sudden changes. The.

Large shark caught by fishermen in Yucatan

A little over 25 kilometers from the port of Rio Lagartos, a boat led by.

Joint efforts to fight poaching in Celestún

The Celestún Fishing Refuge Zone (ZRP) along with the international group Wild Aid, have joined.

Fishermen claim the restoration of Progreso Pier affects their economy

The multimillion-dollar project, corresponding to the second phase of the construction of nearly 30 meters.

60 million pesos to be distributed during the grouper season’s closure

Approximately 60 million pesos will be distributed among 12,100 fishermen during the “Mero” (grouper) closed.

selective focus of brown fishing reel
Poachers of grouper, octopus and lobster must be stopped by the authorities along the coast of Yucatan

With the beginning of the grouper ban on January 31, the Yucatan fishing sector warns.

grayscale photo of man throwing a fishing net
Ports are open in Yucatan, fishermen can go out to sea

On December 23rd, port authorities issued a communiqué announcing the closure of 14 ports in.

fisherman throwing fish net on lake
Cold Front No. 19 paralyzes fishing on the eastern coast of Yucatan

The entrance of Cold Front No. 19 completely paralyzed fishing activities, because it is expected.


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Authorities report a death in a Mérida’s Rehabilitation Center

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2022 bullfigthing ban lifted by Mexican Supreme Court of Justice

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“La Casa del Yucateco” is now open to the public in San Francisco CA

The new space is a fulfilled commitment of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal where attention and advice is offered to Yucatecans…