US authorities say Mexican cartels are making ‘mass quantities’ of fentanyl pills

On Monday November 4th, US authorities warned that “mass quantities” of counterfeit prescription drugs laced.

Mexico judge approves recreational cocaine for two users

A Mexican judge has granted two people the right to recreational cocaine use, in the.

Study says drug consumption levels have increased in Yucatan

“According to the National Survey of Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption, the consumption of marijuana.


Yucatán approves reform to ban the release of images of deceased people

The Yucatan Congress approved the reform to prohibit the use of images of dead people, as well as human remains…

Yucatan farmers continue to hunt jaguars to prevent them from eating livestock

Experts have indicated that ranch workers in Yucatan continue to hunt jaguars to prevent them from eating livestock, something that…

Merida airport implements health protocol in response to risk of Coronavirus

MERIDA, Yucatan - "Merida's International Airport is already applying a health protocol following the spread of the Covid-19 virus in…

Standing ovation for the girl who donated her organs to save lives

Danna Paola, a girl who donated her organs in Tamaulipas, was emotionally honored with an ovation, by the staff of…

Mexico’s ‘two markets’ bewilder and reward global O&G operators

BNAMERICAS.- A year after taking office, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) sweeping reform agenda, dubbed the fourth transformation, has…