Embracing Tradition: Yucatecan Dress Code

The dress code for a Yucatecan wedding is deeply rooted in the rich history and.

Frida Kahlo’s timeless elegance, an integral part of her artistic persona

Frida Kahlo, the iconic Mexican artist, is celebrated not only for her extraordinary talent but.

Molcajete: The timeless symbol of Mexican culinary tradition

In the bustling kitchens of Mexico, the molcajete stands as an emblem of culinary heritage,.

Muxes: Celebrating the third gender in Mexico

In the culturally diverse landscape of Mexico, a vibrant and accepted community known as “muxes”.

Caricatura Política: The iconic cartoon section in Mexico’s newspapers

In the vibrant and diverse realm of Mexican journalism, one section has emerged as a.

Introducing the new ‘Nina Shestakova’ Theater of the Arts opening in Mérida

Mérida will expand its cultural offerings with the upcoming opening of a new space that.

Yucatan spreads its culture in the Mexico City Zocalo

In Mexico City’s Zócalo 150 stands with more than 250 exhibitors and 800 artisans representing.

Yucatecan Regional Theater seeks to become an “Intangible Cultural Heritage”

May 11th.- In the next few days the state congress could discuss whether to proceed.

Mexican Pink: a representative color of the Mexican Nation

Ramón Valdiosera was a Mexican fashion designer who made significant contributions to the fashion industry.

Tenango de Doria: A cultural gem of Mexico’s Sierra Madre

Tenango de Doria, located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, is a small town known.


AMLO announces he will present reforms to the Judiciary in February

López Obrador insisted that the reform must be carried out as soon as possible so that Mexicans can elect judges…

Mexicana de Aviación to launch with military planes

Mexico's newest commercial airline, due to be run by the military, is set to launch later this month using military…

Firefigthers control situation at Cozumel’s Plaza del Sol

On Wednesday, December 6th, a fire broke out in a premises located on the second floor of the Plaza del…

Seismic alert sounds due to a 5.7 magnitude earthquake with epicenter in Chiautla, Puebla

In the context of Plate Tectonics, Mexico is located in the so-called Ring of Fire, where a large part of the telluric…

Daughter of José Alfredo Jiménez prepares album with unreleased material

Paloma Jiménez Gálvez keeps a notebook with 80 songs that his father, the iconic Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez did…