1 in 4 people who get the coronavirus may show no symptoms but still be contagious

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 1 million people worldwide in just a few months. Scientists.

Covid-19 is only a transitory economic and public health crisis – AMLO

“Mexico will soon come out of this coronavirus health emergency” MEXICO (Agencies) – During the.

Are face masks really helping in the fight against COVID-19?

Washington (AFP) – After months of telling the public not to use face masks, the.

Spain: 950 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

More than 10,000 people in Spain have died after testing positive for coronavirus, as the.

Confirmed coronavirus cases reach one million worldwide

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe reached one million on Thursday, according.

Three Mexican Governors have been diagnosed with COVID-19

In recent days, several politicians and at least three Mexican Governors have been diagnosed with.

How the new coronavirus offers hope for the climate crisis

Gravely addressing a small cluster of journalists in Mexico City and the rest of the.

Checkpoints detect 12 people with symptoms of Covid-19 in Chetumal, Q. Roo

CHETUMAL, QUINTANA ROO (April 2, 2020).- At least 12 foreigners with Covid-19 symptoms have been.

Yucatan is number 4 at national level in coronavirus infections

The number of positive coronavirus cases has positioned Yucatan among the five states with the.

Security forces begin surveillance campaign against Covid-19 in Yucatan

The advance of the coronavirus in Mexico amounts to 1,378 confirmed cases. 3,827 suspects, 7,000.


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