“Yucatán Expone” arrives in Antioquia, Colombia

Yucatecan companies make their way into the Colombian market with their participation in the “Antioquia.

Canine receives owner at the airport with a touching message (VIDEO)

Bora, is the name of a little dog that entertained the social networks after she.

Fernando Botero’s hometown of Medellín decrees a 7-day mourning

Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, one of the most important Latin American artists of.

Colombian painter Fernando Botero dies at the age of 91

The artist, born in 1932 in the Central Colombian city of Medellin, was still painting.

AMLO travels to Colombia and Chile to strengthen ties with the South American Left

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began a tour of Colombia and Chile on Friday,.

Report of Colombians hacking Facebook accounts in Yucatán

Social media users in Motul have issued statements claiming to be victims of hackers who.

How could 4 children survive 40 days without food in the Colombian jungle?

In the depths of the Colombian jungle, late at night, a message spread through army.

Children lost for 40 days in the Colombian jungle are finally rescued alive and well

Four minors were rescued alive after spending 40 days lost in the jungle of Colombia.

4 missing children were found alive after their airplane crashed in the Colombian jungle

Colombian President Gustavo Petro delivered surprising news on Wednesday: four children were found alive in.

President of Bolivia calls for a unified Latin America lithium policy

On Thursday, March 23rd, Bolivian President Luis Arce said he would be willing to jointly.


Merida: En Bici will be free of charge until December

The Municipality of Merida announced that the En Bici program will be free of charge until December to continue promoting…

In AMLO’s final year of government, his flagship projects advance at full speed

With the goal of completing his flagship projects, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador begins his last year in office today.…

Lagartos Bar shut down in Merida due to clandestine operation

Six men and two women were left in the hands of the SSP when they were discovered inside a bar…

Truck crashes into fragile Mototaxi on the Merida-Progreso highway

The passenger of a motorcycle cab saw his life flash before his eyes when his trip was altered by the…

Indigenous women in Kantunilkín Quintana Roo stand out in health-related issues

Five women received the award on the occasion of International Indigenous Women's Day, which was celebrated on September 5th. They…