A company linked to the Chinese government is contracted to monitor the border; US protest

United States authorities alerted Mexico of the national security risks involved in buying border monitoring.

As U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan angry China stages more drills near the island

China’s military said it carried out more exercises near Taiwan on Monday, Augut 15th, as.

Pelosi says China ‘made a big fuss’ about her visit to Taiwan, mainly because she is a woman

Nancy Pelosi met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen Wednesday as part of her defiant visit to the island.

On the day of Pelosi’s visit, 21 Chinese warplanes flew through Taiwan’s air

Twenty-one Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s air defense zone on Tuesday, the day House Speaker.

China’s top chip maker SMIC may have achieved a technological breakthrough

China’s top chip maker has likely gained the ability to produce 7-nanometre chips, according to.

Chinese man catches toddler falling from sixth floor (Watch Video)

 A man in Zhejiang province, China, has gone viral after he was seen on video.

A new scientific study says Native Americans may have originated from China

A new study suggests that Native Americans may have originated from Southern China, based on.

Despite the risk of being detained, Dalai Lama travels to remote Ladakh region bordering China

The exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Friday arrived in India’s remote.

China’s defense minister General Wei Fenghe slammed the US approach to the Indo-Pacific region

China’s defense minister has slammed America’s approach to the Indo-Pacific region, calling it “a strategy.

China Tells EU It Will Pursue Ukraine Peace In Its Own Way

China has offered the European Union assurances that it would seek peace in Ukraine on.


Mérida wants more “Barrios Mágicos”

The Mérida City Council awaits the opening of the Sectur call for the registration of new magical neighborhoods. José Luis Martínez…

Experts from UADY and Baylor College of Medicine developed the Chagas disease vaccine

In January 2024, experts from the Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Regional Research Center of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (CIR-UADY) and…

550 couples from 65 municipalities will formalize their union at Xmatkuil’s annual collective wedding

The head of Merida's Civil Registry, Juan Collí Pinto, announced that hundreds of couples will be formalizing their union in…

Rodrigo Pacheco is the two-time Mexican champion in the Yucatan Tennis World Cup

Rodrigo Pacheco Méndez, from Mérida achieved a milestone for the State and the country by becoming the first two-time Mexican…

Lower House of Congress endorses AMLO’s reform commission to terminate news agency Notimex

AMLO's political party Morena will create government news agency of its own. The Government Commission in the Chamber of Deputies…