Davis Cup 2023: Mexico secures Group II World Cup berth with win over China on Yucatecan soil

In a thrilling series of matches at the Club Campestre de Merida, the Mexican tennis.

Yucatecan Rodrigo Pacheco will open the Davis Cup series against China, in a duel against Fajing Sun

With the support of his fans and with the goal of becoming a prophet in.

Chinese man sees his cell phone in the toilet for hours, and his intestine comes out

Most people have the habit of taking their cell phones to the bathroom and spending.

Mauricio Vila concludes working tour of China

On Saturday, tJuly 22nd, the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, concluded his tour of.

Mauricio Vila shares on social networks a Spotify playlist for his trip from Yucatan to China

The Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, is on a trip to the Far East.

“China expressed support for Putin after the rebellion”, says the Kremlin

The vice chancellors of both countries had a meeting in the Chinese capital. Beijing has.

China and Yucatán strengthen trade ties once again

Bilateral trade between China and Yucatán has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to.

Microsoft says China installed malware in US systems in the island of Guam

China may have conducted digital espionage against the US’ Pacific interests. Microsoft and the National.

Another Mysterious Balloon Flying Over American Soil

The U.S. military is currently tracking a balloon that was recently spotted over parts of.

Chinese officials say there is no such thing as illegal trafficking of fentanyl to Mexico

There is no such thing as illegal trafficking of fentanyl between China and Mexico, China’s.


Mauricio Vila calls to fight climate change at COP28

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal began his participation in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2023 (COP28) with a call…

American Airlines provides plenty of Cancun Travel options

American Airlines debuts record schedule for Cancun American Airlines is ready to help customers escape winter weather with more flights…

Don’t miss the “Paseo de las Luces” on Saturday, December 9

The Puerto de Abrigo de Yucalpetén will be illuminated next Saturday, December 9 with the “Walk of Lights” event starting…

Tren Maya opens new date to travel from Campeche to Cancun

Army General Óscar David Lozano Águila, who is director of the parastatal company Tren Maya, SA de CV, reported that…

Government of Yucatán registers its second cyber attack in 2023

During the early hours of this Wednesday, the Yucatan Government website server detected a new cyber attack, so the internet…