A foreign tourist dies in a cenote near Playa del Carmen

A tragic incident occurred on the morning of Saturday September 16 in Playa del Carmen,.

Discover the cenote that can “turn you into one of the best bullfighters in Yucatán”

The legend that the elderly used to tell their children and grandchildren about the cenote.

Two cenotes rescued by private investors in Valladolid

The Yucatan government, through Cultur, decided to give the Xkekén and Samulhá cenotes a concession.

Authorities remove waste from 11 cenotes in Yucatán

With a total of 1,891 kilograms of waste extracted from cenotes, the Ministry of Sustainable.

Hifa Collective to present immersive journey through the Yucatán cenotes

“Lol-Ha, audiovisual biomusic” is an immersive interdisciplinary concert of mixed electroacoustic music for multipercussion, electronic.

Federal judge grants injunction to protect the Yucatan Cenotes

The collective Kanan Ts’ono’ot (Guardians of the cenotes) announced that the Fourth District Court of.

Yucatan’s cenotes and mangroves are in danger due to pollution and deforestation

World Environment Day is celebrated under the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution,” a situation that the.

Outbreak of histoplasmosis detected in tourists visiting cenotes in Yucatan

Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by inhaling the spores of a fungus usually found in.

Unveiling the dark secrets of the ancient civilizations

Deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle lie hidden treasures shrouded in mystery and.

Contamination of cenotes in Cancun’s irregular zones unstoppable

The contamination present in the cenotes of the irregular zones of Cancun prevails so far.


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Road accident in Playa del Carmen leaves 7 dead

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